Jewelry Photo Editing Service

Jewelry photo editing service is a process of retouching jewelry products such as rings, necklaces and diamonds online before posting online. This solution is needed in every jewelry photo before selling your products online. An image that is well edited image will have higher sales percentage than an image that is not edited. The procedure can be time consuming but overall worth it in the end. How do we edit a jewelry image, this is the question that we always ask. This page will guide you through how we retouch jewelry products before they are sold online.

Selling products online can be a challenge and photo sell first before the product. Having the right brand of camera such as Sony, NIkon or Canon will give you the best quality. Online buyers usually look at images when they buy something and during a photo shoot images come out bare. Photos exported from a camera will always be in RAW format. The process of post-production comes in by adjusting the right color of the image.

Jewelry Photo Retouching Service

Importing your jewelry products to a photo editing software is the first step. Once you have uploaded the image you need to duplicate a layer for retouching or color correction. Jewelries come in different shapes and sizes that is why you have to identify first what category the product belongs. Our team is capable of sorting, retouching different kinds of jewelry images because of our expertise. Changing the color from gold to rose gold or vice versa is possible.

Techniques in Jewelry Editing Service 

Background removal

Removal of background is important when putting images into e-commerce sites or publishing media. It is necessary to change or replace a Photo frame or to cutout an image from its framework.

Image Masking

Technique we use, when clipping path is no longer an option. When the subject that needs to be selected has so much detail, such as fur or hair, clipping path becomes very hard to use. In these cases, a technique called Image Masking service is come into play.

Correcting Exposure Levels

Proper exposure is also key to good jewelry photography. The reason we usually work with a light tent is because it can provide easy soft lighting, instantly provides a clutter free framework along with suitable background support.

Shadow Making

While flat images give the feeling of simplicity and minimalisticness, shadows create depth in an image. Giving them a more realistic, 3D feel to them.

Raster to Vector

Using advanced image editing techniques, we can convert your Images from Raster to Vector. This could be a huge advantage, if you’re going to publish your jewelry image.

Tips in Jewelry Photo Editing

Color Correction

Each image you have, is a collection of colors, arranged in patterns that make up an image. Correcting these colors, can conveniently change the effect it creates in a person’s mind.

Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation is needed for optimizing and editing images. These images can be for a variety of purposes, both personal and for public display. With the focus on the right things and colors to fit the mood, you can do surprise with your images!

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Jewelry Photo Retouching Pearl BeforeJewelry Photo Retouching Pearl After

Pearl Ring Photo Editing

One of the best ways to improve your image is by removing reflections in the rings. This is a retouching process where the photographer reflection is being removed.

  • Wedding Ring Retouching
  • Engagement Ring Photo Editing
  • Color Enhancement Ring Bands

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Pearl Necklace Photo Retouching BeforePearl Necklace Photo Retouching After

Necklace Photo Editing

We can remove background of your necklace products by clipping the background and remove it. After that our team can improve the vibrant, color and sharpness of your image.

  • Necklace Background Removal
  • Clipping Path Necklace
  • Retouching Necklace

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Jewelry Photo Editing Pendants BeforeJewelry Photo Editing Pendants

Pendant Photo Editing

Aim for the best when you you sell your products by color correcting your jewelry photos. Adjusting the Gold color of your image, remove the background image and crop photo.

  • Enhance Pendant Necklace
  • Diamond Pendant Photo Editing
  • Removal of Background Pendant

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Jewelry Photo Editing Models BeforeJewelry Photo Editing Models

Model Photo Editing

Retouching model jewelry images is one of our expertise, we can add any bands or jewelry to a model. We can add or remove any jewelry on the image using Photoshop.

  • Model Jewelry Retouch
  • Adding of Jewelry
  • Removing of Jewelry Product

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How to Clean Jewelry?

Cleaning a jewelry is simple, soak it in vinegar. Here are the steps in cleaning your jewelry properly. Soak in a mixture of 1/2 cup white vinegar and 2 tablespoons baking soda for 2 to 3 hours. After that, rinse them under cold water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Once done, your jewelry looks brand new again.

Can you replace the color of Gold to White Gold?

We can definitely change the colors of gold from white gold to rose gold or yellow gold.

Can you clean or replace Diamonds in my Photo?

Yes we can clean your diamonds by retouching it carefully or we can replace it with new diamonds.

What services do you provide for jewelries photo editing?

Background removal, diamond enhancement, jewelry cleaning, small particle removal, jewelry enhancement.

What is the process of cleaning a jewelry?

Cleaning the diamonds, metal bands, removing any small spots in the image is the first thing to do. After that, we crop, resize, color correct the image to make it look shiny. We then save it to JPEG, PSD, PNG or your desired file for your jewelry product.


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