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Photoshop Fonts

Photoshop Fonts refers to use of pre-installed fonts in adobe photoshop along with fonts from designed by designer community to enhance the look of texture. (i.e. typography). Photoshop not only have “photo” in its name, but it is designed for all means of creative possibilities, including working with text. It’s also stretchy, not limited to the fonts that come pre-installed or are already on your computer.

This is good update, because those stock fonts are sometime not good enough for you because you need a font that stands out as you have a message that needs to stand out. Fortunately, for that reason adding a private font to Photoshop is easy, but there are a couple of ways to do it, which vary slightly conditional on your operating system. Simple way to add new font is by just download your desire font zip file from internet and then extract it and install on Photoshop. If you find any difficulty you can get help from google.