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Real Estate Digital Marketing

Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Digital Marketing

With 93% of home buyers searching for their dream home online, the real estate industry is increasingly shifting towards digital technology. Customers now prefer finding properties online, making it crucial for real estate agents to establish an online presence to attract potential buyers and sell more properties. However, standing out in a highly competitive market can be challenging, as many agents are already building strong online brands.

To differentiate yourself, you need unique digital marketing strategies that build brand awareness, generate leads, and drive property sales. If you’re struggling with high competition and unsure of how to grow your real estate business through digital marketing, this guide is here to help.

In this guide, we cover the essentials of real estate digital marketing, its importance, and innovative strategies to capture customers’ attention, increase property sales, and expand your business.

Importance of Real Estate Digital Marketing

In the rapidly evolving real estate industry, digital marketing is becoming increasingly important as millions of people search for their dream homes online. As a real estate agent, if your potential customers are online, you should be too. It’s time to move your business online and build a strong social presence, where you can generate quality leads and grow your business. Many real estate agents are already leveraging social media to sell properties and achieve significant profits.

Digital marketing offers distinct advantages over traditional methods, allowing you to run targeted ads on social media platforms and reach potential customers specifically looking for properties. It also enables you to showcase attractive property listings that capture buyers’ attention and drive sales.

With digital marketing, you can effectively promote your brand, generate quality leads, and accelerate your business growth.

Why Do Real Estate Agents Need Digital Marketing?

If you’re a real estate agent, you’ve noticed the power of the internet, and nowadays, millions of buyers prefer to find properties online by reviewing photos/videos. So there’s a huge potential for real estate agents to build an online presence and grow their real estate business. There are numerous reasons behind using digital marketing in real ESS business, and we’ve picked some major facts that help you to make decisions to use digital marketing in the real estate business:

  • 3× times more quality leads are generated through content marketing than traditional marketing.

  • Blogs generate high-traffic, quality leads, and increased sales.

  • Digital marketing helps to get a 6x higher conversion rate.

In simple words, digital marketing helps real estate agents to grow their business with unlimited potential and as many potential customers to reach and sell more properties. Also, you can stand out as a unique brand and grow your real estate business.

10 Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales in Real Estate

Here are some most effective digital marketing strategies to stand out from your brand and grow your real estate business.

1. Build an Impressive Real Estate Website

In today’s digital age, millions search for properties online, making a compelling real estate website essential for business growth. Your site should attract buyers with stunning property visuals and facilitate informed decisions, acting as a robust portfolio.

To stand out amid competition, integrate unique features that enhance your brand appeal. Ensure your website not only showcases high-quality photos and videos but also nurtures leads through customer support, newsletters, exclusive deals, and immersive 360° views. These elements not only attract potential buyers but also build trust and drive property sales effectively.

There are some other must-have elements in real estate websites, including:

  • Add a search bar tool that helps buyers to find their ideal property.

  • Add a property listing option that highlights beautiful Property deals.

  • Add client testimonials/reviews.

  • Make a user-friendly and fast-loading website.

  • Only showcase high-quality photos/videos on your website.

  • Add Call-to-action (CTAs) like live chat support, schedule a call, etc.

These elements are a must-have in real estate websites to increase sales.

2. Video Marketing

In 2022, video marketing will be the biggest trend in the real estate industry. Many real estate agents use videos to promote their deals and increase sales, with 85% of buyers making their property decisions based on videos. Therefore, it’s essential for real estate agents to embrace this trend and focus on video marketing to attract potential customers and sell more properties. By adding high-quality real estate videos to your property listings on an attractive website, you can significantly boost your sales potential.

Videos allow buyers to virtually tour properties and make informed buying decisions. Hiring a professional to create stunning real estate videos can help buyers find their dream homes and increase your property sales. Video marketing enables real estate agents to achieve substantial profits and sell properties faster. To stand out in the competitive real estate market, you need to adopt a video marketing strategy to grow your business.

Once you have created captivating property videos, you can run ads on social media platforms to generate quality leads and sell more properties.

3. Start a Real Estate Blog

After creating an appealing real estate website, driving traffic to it is crucial for generating quality leads and boosting property sales. Starting a real estate blog is an effective strategy to achieve this goal. By researching trending keywords and crafting SEO-optimized content, such as “best flat under 40 lakhs in Mumbai,” you can improve your Google ranking and attract targeted visitors interested in your offerings.

Whether you write the blog yourself or hire a professional content writer, focus on providing valuable information to engage visitors and promote your real estate deals effectively. With consistent effort, you can leverage organic traffic to grow your business and increase sales without additional financial investment.

4. Pay-per-click Advertisements

PPC (Pay per click) advertisement is one of the most popular and profitable marketing strategies for real estate businesses to generate quality leads and sell more properties. In PPC advertisements, you only need to pay when a potential buyer clicks on your advertisement until you can showcase your advertisement to as many potential customers as you want without spending money. Whenever a customer clicks on your advertising, you need to pay for the quality leads, which is completely dependent on your process to convert it and increase sales. PPC advertisements can save lots of money and help to do brand awareness. 

The benefits of using PPC advertisements are reaching out to as many potential customers as you want and paying only for serious buyers looking for properties. It increases the chances of selling more properties and growing your real estate business. 

PPC advertisements mainly generate qualified leads for your real estate business and sell more properties.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool for real estate agents aiming to boost sales and grow their business. By consistently engaging potential customers with valuable content and showcasing the best real estate deals, you can build trust and ultimately increase sales. It’s essential to nurture leads over time, providing informative content and promoting properties effectively to drive purchasing decisions.

Successful email marketing involves a strategic process of lead generation, nurturing, and trust-building. Utilize reliable tools like ActiveCampaign, Sendinblue, or MailChimp to execute targeted campaigns that resonate with your audience and maximize property sales.

6. Virtual Host Tours

Virtual tours have revolutionized the real estate industry by allowing buyers to explore properties in 3D without visiting in person, aiding their purchasing decisions. Many agents now conduct virtual tours to showcase properties effectively and provide comprehensive details, enhancing customer satisfaction. This approach goes beyond traditional videos, elevating the real estate business by attracting more potential buyers and facilitating property sales.

If you’re a real estate agent and want to sell more properties, then you should host a virtual tour, and we’ve given some valuable tips that will help you do a successful virtual tour and sell more properties. 

  • Make sure that your virtual tour will be supported on all devices.

  • Try to make the property videos more professional, beautiful, and interactive.

  • Showcase actual footage of the property to build trust.

  • Make user-friendly and 3D videos.

  • Also, share some valuable tips and talk about unique points of the property to create interest and sell the property faster.

These are essential tips that help you do a successful virtual tour and increase sales.

7. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the key to success in the real estate business, offering a powerful way for agents to reach potential buyers on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. By promoting your best real estate deals and engaging with valuable content, you can attract attention, generate quality leads, and drive sales. Consistent and valuable social media content helps build your brand, expand your business reach, and increase property sales efficiently.

If you’ve understood the potential of social media platforms and want to do social media marketing, then we’ve some helpful content tips for your business:

  • You can try to post new & beautiful home listings.

  • Share your customers’ reviews/testimonials.

  • Amazing case studies

  • Some valuable tips for buying property.

  • Promote yourself as a professional real estate agent

These are some must-have content ideas that you should share on your social media to build trust, generate quality leads and increase sales. 

8. Use High-Quality Property Photos

In the real estate industry, attracting potential customers online hinges on showcasing high-quality, attractive property photos. Your real estate website should exclusively feature these compelling visuals in property listings to capture buyers’ attention and help them find their dream homes.

When buyers search for properties online, the quality of property photos is the first thing that grabs their interest and influences their purchasing decisions.

To ensure you present top-notch property photos on your website, consider hiring a professional real estate photographer. Their expertise can produce stunning images that not only enhance sales but also distinguish your brand as trustworthy and unique.

High-quality property photos play a critical role in generating quality leads and driving sales for your real estate business.

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9. Get on Zillow

Zillow stands out as the leading real estate listing platform, attracting over 188 million monthly visitors to its website. Real estate agents can create profiles and list themselves on Zillow, benefiting from its effective advertising campaigns on social media that drive traffic. Potential buyers can easily find and select the best agents based on their needs. A compelling, trustworthy profile on Zillow can attract qualified leads and accelerate property sales. Many agents leverage Zillow’s platform to maximize profits through successful property transactions.

To optimize your presence on Zillow, focus on building a professional profile with customer reviews, impressive property photos and videos, and other elements that enhance trustworthiness. Establishing a presence on Zillow is essential for generating quality leads and expanding your real estate business.

10. Generate Quality leads via Landing Pages

In the real estate industry, leads are crucial because they ultimately lead to sales. For real estate agents, generating quality leads is essential but challenging. It requires promoting your brand, offering compelling deals, and motivating potential buyers to take action. If you’re struggling with lead generation, landing pages can significantly enhance your business strategy. A well-crafted landing page is one of the most effective ways to attract high-quality leads for your real estate business. Many agents consistently generate quality leads and increase property sales through strategic landing pages.

A successful landing page should highlight a specific property in an engaging way that captures buyers’ attention and encourages them to schedule visits or make buying decisions. Include essential elements such as high-quality property photos, 360° videos, clear calls-to-action, and options to schedule meetings. These elements significantly enhance your chances of converting leads into sales.

Landing Page is mainly used to promote specific properties that create interest in the property, generate quality leads and provide strong reasons to make buying decisions. 

These top 10 digital marketing strategies help you grow your real estate business and sell more properties.

Benefits of Digital Marketing for the Real Estate Industry

Digital marketing has huge benefits in the real estate industry, and there’s unlimited potential to grow a real estate business with digital marketing. With digital marketing, you can generate quality leads and sell more properties. There are numerous benefits of using digital marketing in real estate, but we’ve handpicked some key factors to grow your real estate business:

1. Cost-effective

The biggest benefit of digital marketing in real estate is saving lots of money. Using PPC advertisements and email marketing campaigns, you can reach your potential customers, generate quality leads and sell more properties without spending so much money.  

2. Increase in exposure

As a real estate agent, you can expand your business and stand out your brand as unique by promoting yourself online to your potential customers.

3. Performance analysis

If you’re running advertisements and marketing campaigns, you’ll get the option to see its performance. Based on the performance, you can make the changes and marketing campaigns more effective. 

4. Build a Brand

To stand out from the competition, you need to promote your brand and get in front of your potential customers to generate quality leads and sell more properties.

5. Easy to Target Potential Customers 

With digital marketing, you’ll get the option to target only those looking for properties and can convert them into your customers. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube provide options to select your targeted audience and run paid ads to reach your potential customers, generate leads, and sell properties faster. 

How to Create a Real Estate Digital Marketing Plan?

After knowing the top 10 digital marketing strategies for the real estate business, it’s time to make a marketing plan that helps you to grow your real estate business and sell more properties. That’s why we’ve covered a step-by-step plan that you need to follow and grow your real estate business.

Step 1 – Create a Vision

In the first step, you need to clear the vision (as results) you want to get after implementing these strategies. It helps you understand the actions you need to take to achieve the goals. 

Step 2 – Find your Potential Customers

You need to be clear about your potential customers because you need only target potential customers looking for properties that can increase the chances of selling more homes. 

Step 3 – Make Marketing Strategies

You need to pick some unique marketing strategies from the list and start implementing them in your business. 

Step 4 – Determine your Unique Selling Point

If you want to stand out for your brand and sell more properties, you need to come up with a unique selling point that separates you from the competitors and strong reasons to build trust in your brand. 

Step 5 – Pick the best tools & marketing budget

Once you’ve picked marketing strategies and know your unique selling point, you need to pick the best tools for marketing purposes. 

Step 6 – Measure Performance and Adjust Accordingly

After running your marketing campaigns, you need to keep analyzing these campaigns and make changes according to the results and your budget. 

Follow this six steps process to generate quality leads and sell more properties. 


Digital marketing is now becoming an essential part of the real estate industry. If you’re a real estate agent, you need to use the potential of digital marketing and grow your real estate business. These top 10 digital marketing strategies help you promote your brand, generate leads, and sell more properties. We hope this article helps you know some unique marketing strategies to grow your real estate business. 


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