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Real Estate Samples
real estate samples

Real Estate White Balance BeforeReal Estate White Balance After

White Balance Adjustments

Your camera can take a color photo but the colors in the photo may not be balanced. Sometimes your photos are too red and you need to adjust for this. This is where white balance adjustments come in.

What we Do

  • Adjust Brightness & Contrast
  • Adjust the Levels
  • Precise Clipping Path for Interior Photos
  • Shadow Midtones, Highlight Adjustments
Day to Dusk Conversion BeforeDay to Dusk Conversion After

Day to Dusk Conversion

Convert the look of your real estate from day to night looking. It give the costumer the idea of what the property look like at night.

What we Do

  • Adding Fireplace
  • Lens Vignetting
  • Window Exposure
  • Lens Distortion


Grass Replacement BeforeGrass Replacement After

Lawn Enhancement

Lawn enhancement is a process of bringing out the natural beauty of your yard. If you want your yard to looks more aesthetically pleasing, you should try lawn enhancement service with the help of photo editing company.

What we Do

  • Lawn photo clean-up
  • Removing hose and falling leaves
  • Making the grass green
  • Adding Tress and make the lawn more colorful
Real Estate Sky Replacement Service BeforeReal Estate Sky Replacement Service After

Sky Replacement

Our team can change the sky from your real estate image, we can turn it from dull to bright.

What we Do

  • Changing sky from dull to beautiful blue sky
  • Photo retouching
  • View enhancement
  • Lightning Adjustment

Image Decluttering

If you wanted to remove your old furniture in the photo, this service is the best to help you. Decluttering all old things in the photos and chance it with a new one will make your real estate images look more appealing.

What we Do

  • Remove old furniture
  • Clean messy room
  • Adding new furniture
  • Adding rags or carpet

Virtual Staging

After decluttering the real estate photo, virtual staging helps realtors to create a realistic representation of their property without actually having to go through the process of moving furniture and other items around.

What we Do

  • Cleaning the area by retouching
  • Removing trash
  • Change the colors

Pool Enhancement

If you want buyers to be more attracted to your online postings in real estate make sure to clean up the pool.

What we Do

Retouching the swimming pool by;

  • Removing cleaning hoses, leaves, dirt and toys
  • Adjusting the color of the pool also gives it a blueish colour.

Image Bracketing

Some clients may want to see the different angels of the property they want to buy. This is when multiple exposure service comes in. It helps the clients to view the different angels of the property and it also help the photographers to give their clients the best portfolio and increase their sales.

Real Estate Multiple Exposure Bracketing

Perspective Correction

Perspective correction is mainly used to capture a wide field of view in one shot and allows a photographer to capture a 180° or 360° view of the landscape. In perspective correction, you can set up your camera or smartphone and start capturing from one angle to another angle, and its end process is one image with a complete wide landscape.

Real Estate Perspective Correction

Lens Correction

If you’ve captured real estate photos, you may notice that some indoor glasses come with reflections of the objects that affect the photo quality, but we can resolve this issue and clean all the glasses to enhance the property’s visibility.

Real Estate Lens Correction