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Studio Photo Editing

Studio photo editing (also known as a photography studio or photo studio) done in a workspace to take, develop, print and duplicate photographs. There on workspace studio may have a darkroom, storage space, a studio proper where photographs are taken, a display room and space for other related work. Nowadays Studio photo editing is not only leisure pursuit but also a zealous profession. It is a dependable profession. There are several types of photographers who are taking different types of photos. Some are taking photos at wedding or in event is called wedding photographer. No wedding is fulfilled without a professional studio photo editor who keeps all the memories alive in Photos.

People are not satisfied with the raw photograph at all the time. They want more vivid and retouched photos in most cases. Studio Photo editing provide complete solution to get extra ordinary photos with bright light and any choice of backdrop.

Studio Photo Retouching

Studio Photo retouching is the process of altering an image to prepare it for final presentation. Retouchers typically perform actions that are small localized adjustments to an image. Usually completed after globalized adjustments (such as color correction), retouching is the polishing of an image. Post-processing is the equivalent of the darkroom from the days we shot in film. We are providing service for retouching your photos, from the basics (cropping and leveling), through to more complicated actions like recovering shadow and highlight information. For studio retouching we have a professional team that is passionate about this job and we can make any picture look fabulous. Our highly skilled and experienced editors work 24/7 to deliver quality, you will always find our services the best in the market. We tend to answer all requests as soon as possible, we know that your time is precious to you.

Studio Photography

Photography done inside a studio usually with backgrounds and lighting equipment. More formal photography like portraits, fashion, headshots, family pictures etc. in a controlled environment. Every day we are seeing high end glamour retouched photos in magazine, television, newspaper, flyers and on road advertisements. Every business promotion needs to use high end glamour photos to attract more people. Studio photography is mainly used for commercial purposes. From simple studio product images to the lifestyle approach, products in action, group photos of a product line, product packaging, and more. Product-only images are meant to show your product in its best light from all relevant angles. Product photography is an essential part of both online and offline advertising for successful catalogues, brochures, magazine ads, billboards, online ads and company websites, specifically when selling products direct to consumer.

In studio, usually photography is shot on a white background, helping to create a consistent look across your photo line. These images describe your emotions at a glance and are best suited for your photo catalogs. Studio photography uses specific techniques to showcase your photos in an attractive way.


Wedding Photo Editing Lightroom Service
Wedding Photo Editing Lightroom Service
Photoshop Product Photo Retouching Service
Product Photo Editing Kitchen
Wedding Photo Editing Lightroom ServicePhotoshop Product Photo Retouching ServiceProduct Photo Editing Kitchen
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Product Photo Editing Sunglasses BeforeProduct Photo Editing Sunglasses After
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Get Started?

Simply click on this link Trial Photo Editing and upload your raw images. For example, once we receive your images we will send a confirmation email. After that we can then provide you a quotation and ask for approval.

What is your turn around time in photo editing?

The turn around of our photo editing is 4 – 24 hours depending on the volume and difficulty of your images. You can also setup your own turn around time by applying in our partnership program. Becoming our partner gives you a fix delivery time on your images and you can also request for rush editing.

How much does Photo Editing Cost?

The cost of editing an image is $ .50 cents to $ 5 base of the time spent or difficulty of a picture. Clients who have daily or weekly images may avail special rate discounts. All customers however will have to send a raw image to get a quotation.

I Have Questions

Simply fill out the form in the Contact Us and we will answer all your questions.

How our Service Works

How Our Service Works in Photo Editing Company

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