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The role of a Photo Editor Job

Also known as a Photo Editor, is an expert who reviews, collects, and pick photographs or illustrations for publication in arrangement with preset guidelines.  These publications include a website, magazine, art galleries, newspapers, and corporate products. In choosing illustrations and photographs, editors take in charge of publication’s needs, standards, and budget. The main outstanding job of a photo editor is to create a full, rich experience for the reader or customer to enhance the experience visually.

Responsibilities of a Picture Editor

A common misconception about photo editors is that they act as photographers. Unlike magazine editors, who may often write for a magazine, photo editors very rarely take pictures for their magazines.

Here are some responsibilities that a Picture Editor

  • A Picture Editor hires professional photographers for duties. The main types of duty work are to arrange location and studio shoots. The Editors’ skill set for location shoots may require permits, obtaining permissions, and scheduling subjects, travel, and a list of photo shoots.  Also, organizational skills to build a photo shoot, which involves hiring studios, prop, models, and stylists.
  • The Picture Editor has knowledge of photographers producing in many genres and established in any part of the globe; they know and understand copyright and legal standards for all kinds of graphics usage and familiar with moving images or videos.
  • A Picture Editor knows how to obtain the most appropriate image to suit the content they have to show.
  • A Picture Editor may oversee the edit and sequencing of pictures in stories, including photo books, or photo essays.
  • The Picture Editor manages licenses, copyrights, and works inside a budget.
  • Photo editors think of the visuals. It means that they hash out ideas regarding what photos will be used and how they will complement the subject they will accompany. Then they go about hiring the best photographer for the job.

Skills of a Freelance Photo Editor

Although photo editors are not the one who is taking the pictures, they need to know everything to know about photography. They must have good business knowledge, and they must have extensive contact within the industry. That’s because they need to know what genre of a photographer will be the best one for a specific shoot.

Like if the shoot requests for various photographs of a family, that will require a family portrait photographer who is different from a beauty shoot of a customer product like make-up. A consumer product shot is different from a high-fashion photograph that will perform next to a story about Chanel. Also, while you may know the most suitable fashion photographer in the business, they may be scheduled for another assignment, so you need a significant stockpile of names to draw upon.

These are the skill that Photo Editors should possess:

  • Artistic
  • Creative
  • Computer skills
  • Business skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Deadline oriented
  • Management skills

Various people discover at a young age that they like photography. It is excellent to have a natural ability in photography, and this ability is further helped through training, practice, and continuing to take photos. People often buy a professional camera and computer software to learn more about photography.

Beginning a profession as a photographer is an excellent way to climb the steps into a position as an editor. As a photographer, you will go on photo shoots, use various types of cameras and lighting equipment, capture subjects in professional quality photographs, and travel to multiple areas to attend photo shoots.

Photo editing is the next step up to photographers. You will arrange the plan for photographers, schedule them to photo shoots, and negotiate contracts. Many people get to this position by being raised from a photographer position after a few years of experience.

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