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Photo Retouching Service BeforePhoto Retouching Service After

Photo Retouching

There are many flaws or imperfections that are visible in every photograph. Retouching stray hair, objects in the background, sky replacement and many more are the things that you need to retouch. With photo retouching your images will look flawless and perfect.

What we Do

  • Bride & Groom Retouching
  • Background Editing
  • Brightness Adjustment
Wedding Photo Editing Photoshop BeforeWedding Photo Editing Photoshop After

Post Production

We offer wedding post production services from selection, exposure adjustment, white balance, straightening, cropping and image resizing.

What we Do

  • View Enhancement / Replacement
  • Exposure Adjustment
  • Image Culling
  • Apply Presets
Wedding Post Production Service BeforeWedding Post Production Service After

Brightness and Contrast

Weddings are important event in our lives that need long lasting images. Images are memories that we look back on our wedding day. This image undergoes post production by adjusting exposure and colors.

What we Do

  • Brightness Adjustment
  • Increase Vibrance
  • Wedding Color Enhancement
  • Sharpen Wedding Photograph
Wedding Color Correction BeforeWedding Color Correction After

Color Correction

Images on our wedding day needs to be perfect, flaws and blemishes needs to be removed in order to achieve the best output.

What we Do

  • Retouching of Wedding Background
  • Color Correct Wedding Images
  • Sharpening Wedding Photographs
Photo Editing Service BeforePhoto Editing Service After

HDR Wedding

Create high definition photographs using our wedding photo editing. Improve the brightness, contrast and sharpening of the image.

What we Do

  • Few Stray Hairs Removal
  • Clothes editing/wrinkles removal
  • Skin tone fixing