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20 Jewelry Marketing Ideas to Increase Sales

In the Jewelry Business, getting in front of potential customers is the most important element in increasing sales. In today’s high competition, when jewelry businesses are growing rapidly, then it’s hard to stand out from the competition. If you’re also struggling with high competition and want to stand out for your jewelry brand, then you need to use unique marketing strategies to catch customers’ attention and grow your business.

This guide covers 20 jewelry marketing ideas that help you to promote your brand, build trust and increase sales. 

Here are 20 Unique Jewelry Marketing Ideas to Increase Sales

1. Build a Beautiful Online Jewelry Store

When you’re running a jewelry business, having an online store has unlimited potential to grow your business. There are millions of customers looking for jewelry online. If you’ve built a beautiful jewelry store that catches buyers’ attention, you can grow your business and increase sales. In today’s world, you don’t need to learn website designing skills; many drag-and-drop website builder platforms are available that come with pre-built templates to build your jewelry stores in a few hours. You should focus on key elements- website structure, high-quality jewelry photos, security, and an easy payment process.

2. SEO Optimization

Once you’ve built a beautiful jewelry website, it’s time to focus on SEO optimization and grow your website ranking on Google’s first page. By focusing on relevant keywords and writing qualitative content, you can quickly get a ranking on Google and generate high traffic to your store. You need to do detailed research and find those jewelry-related keywords your potential customers are searching for so that you can write valuable content and get a better ranking on Google. 

3. Focus on Specific Jewelry Segments

If you’re trying to sell everything, then the result is nothing. But if you try to sell a specific jewelry segment to a specific audience, then your results are different. So if you want to stand out for your brand and want to grow your jewelry business, then it’s a unique and special marketing strategy that you can use in your business to increase sales. First, define the jewelry segment you want to sell and then determine your targeted audience where you want to promote, and its combination gives you results. 

4. Use Pinterest to Promote your Jewelry

Pinterest is one of the biggest platforms for Jewelry brands to sell jewelry and increase sales. On this platform, you can utilize the power of Pinterest to promote beautiful jewelry Photos that catch buyers’ attention, drive them to your online jewelry store, and make buying decisions faster. Try to promote your exclusive Jewelry segments on Pinterest and grow your business.

5. Leverage the Power of Email Marketing

If you’re serious about growing your brand and increasing sales, email marketing can take your business to the next level. Email marketing can nurture your leads, promote your brands consistently, and encourage them to make buying decisions. Email marketing helps you to connect with your potential customers, build trust and increase sales by sending follow-up emails.

6. Build Social Media Presence

Billions of people actively use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. And surely your potential customers are also using social media platforms, then why are you not getting in front of your customers and promoting your brand? It’s the right time to build a strong social media presence online and promote your beautiful jewelry segments that catch buyers’ attention and encourage them to visit your online store and make buying decisions. 

7. Use Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertisement

PPC Advertisement is a smart marketing strategy that can bring high-quality traffic, leads, and sales with a small marketing budget. In PPC advertisements, you can target specifically those audiences who are interested in buying your products. In this advertisement, you don’t need to spend money on impressions. You only need to pay when your potential customers click on the advertisement and want to visit your website to make buying decisions.

8. Increase your Reviews Online

Around 80% of users trust reviews as recommendations and help make buying decisions. If you’re showing hundreds of positive reviews on Google, Social media platforms, Quora, and many more, it builds trust for your brand and helps you make buying decisions faster.

9. Make Influencers your Brand Face

Using Influencer marketing can be a great option for building a brand. Almost all businesses prefer to have a brand face as celebrities or Influencers who keep promoting the products to their audience and build trust for the brand that generates more sales.

10. Run a Loyalty Program

Running Loyalty programs can build engagement with your audience and give a personalized experience that helps customers to make buying decisions faster.

11. Run Ads on Social Media Platforms

You can create a solid online presence or run paid ads on different social media platforms where you can easily target your potential customers and show your irresistible offers on Jewelry, encouraging them to make buying decisions.

12. Partnership with Local Businesses

If you have a physical Jewelry store presence, you can partner with local businesses like cafes, stores, salons, sarees shops, and many more, where you can promote your brand and get more customers.

13. Write Valuable Blogs

A Blog is a great way to drive traffic to your online jewelry store. You can find the most trending topics related to jewelry and write valuable content on that topic so that you can bring traffic from Google and increase sales.

14. High-Quality Jewelry Photos

The biggest factor to succeed in the online jewelry business is sharing only high-quality, attractive, and beautiful photos with potential customers. If you have an online Jewelry store, then make sure to post only high-quality Jewelry Photos that catch buyers’ attention and encourage them to make buying decisions faster.


15. Comes with a Great Discount

It’s a most traditional but always effective marketing strategy where you need to give a discount on your jewelry so that it catches customers’ attention and encourages them to make buying decisions. By giving them a no-brainer offer, it’s easier to make buying decisions.

16. Create Business Cards for Networking Events

Many business conferences are being conducted where you can join and meet with some great business owners to build a network and share your business cards for further collaboration and to grow your business.

17. List on Etsy

Many Jewelry businesses are listing their Jewelry segments on Etsy to increase sales. It’s a great win-win business collaboration where Etsy gets a small % for each sale made on Etsy.

18. Do a Jewelry Styling Event

If you’re planning to grow your business and take it to an international level, then there’s a unique way to get in front of your potential customers by organizing a big event where you can invite celebrities and influencers to promote your jewelry and press TV, news to promote your brand at a higher level.

19. Use Jewelry 360° Videos

It’s a new trend where online jewelry stores show the jewelry at 360°, which enhances the visibility of the jewelry and its beautiful designs. It increases the chances of getting more sales.

20. Use Augmented Reality in Jewelry

Augmented Reality is a high-tech technology used in jewelry businesses to give a customer experience of wearing the jewelry virtually without buying it. It gives customers more satisfaction and helps to make buying decisions faster. 


These are the top 20 marketing strategies that help to grow your jewelry business and increase sales. We hope this article will be helpful for your business and let you achieve your business goals.