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5 Creative Ways For Your Post Jewelry Photography

Jewellery Photography is all about showing the detailed characteristics of the jewellery to the customers. As there are so many known brands out there in the market. It is very important to stand out among them and get the attention your product requires. When your jewellery is clicked right, it can make an authentic image of your brand. A lot depends on the photography of your jewellery, you need to hire a professional jewellery photographer for your brand.

1. Product Preparation

When you are shooting for something, be it a model or a product it is very necessary to prepare them for the shoot. For jewellery photography, you can initiate by cleaning the jewellery first. When you start, it might not seem that much necessary. But when you click a detailed photo using your macro lens. You will be able to see how much cleaning jewellery needs. If you are shooting with the model, make sure that the makeup is on point and lights are complimenting the makeup.

2. Perfect Background

A background can make or break a photo very easily. To choose the right background becomes very important while shooting for jewellery photoshoots. If you are thinking to not go with the basic backgrounds such as black or white. Maybe you should reconsider your choices as in product photography, these colours are considered “best”. The key is to make the product stand out and if you can do it by choosing a different background. Then go for that type of background which is complimenting and enhancing the jewellery.

3. Using Macro Lens

Using the Macro lens in jewellery photoshoot can be very useful. A Macro lens can capture minor details easily. This enables you to show the best of the product to the customers. This is known as Macro Jewellery Photography.

4.Using a Tripod for Stable Shots

Stability plays a vital role when you are clicking a photo. A good shot requires a lot of stability. Similar to our life, stability plays a very important role. A tripod is very helpful to get a stable shot. So, whenever you are doing any kind of photography try using a tripod. When you are handling product photography, there are high chances that your photos will come blurry due to less stable hands.

5. To Understand the White Balance

Photographers either ignore the white balance or chose not to touch it. It’s a big mistake as different pieces of jewellery require different white balance settings. Such as, doing photography for gold jewellery will be different from that of diamond one or silver jewellery photoshoot. When you don’t set white balances, it can disturb the real colour of the jewellery.


Jewellery Photography is a very creative technique and can play a vital role in any brand. Using these techniques can be very helpful in order to improve your jewellery photography.

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