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Jewelry Photography Ideas

5 Creative Ways For Your Post Jewelry Photography

Taking nice pictures of jewelry needs cool ideas. In this guide, we’ll check out some fun ways and jewelry photography ideas to make your jewelry photos look awesome. You can try different backgrounds and play with light to make your jewelry shine. Adding things like flowers or fabric can make your photos more interesting. Using sunlight or softbox lights can make your jewelry look really pretty. Getting really close to your jewelry and taking close-up shots can show off its details. Moving your camera around and trying different angles can make your photos look cool. By trying out these fun ideas, you can make your jewelry photos look amazing

10 Creative Jewelry Photography Ideas

Creative Idea #1: Use Props

Including props into your jewelry photography can transform a simple image into a narrative piece. Props can make your jewelry look better and tell a story. They can show a certain lifestyle or event. When selecting props, consider their color, texture, and size, ensuring they complement rather than overshadow the jewelry piece.

use props

You can make an old necklace look elegant by placing it on an old book or next to a nice perfume bottle. Clocks or calendars can show when a gift is for a special event. Seashells or corals can suggest where materials for your jewelry come from. This adds a story to your pictures.

Creative Idea #2: Play with Lighting

In jewelry photos, good lighting makes gems and metals look shiny and bright. It’s important for creating the right mood in the picture. Dim lighting can make jewelry look nicer by getting rid of strong shadows and reflections. Lighting from behind can make a halo effect that makes the jewelry stand out more.

play with lighting

Experiment with various lights such as colored gels or LED strings to create different vibes or add a playful touch. The lighting changes depending on the time of day. The warm light during golden hour makes things appear nice. Consider how the light is coming from. Light coming from the side highlights the texture and depth of jewelry.

Creative Idea #3: Incorporate Nature

Nature can be an exquisite backdrop for jewelry, offering a contrast between the crafted and the organic. Using natural materials in your jewelry can help you appeal to customers who care about the environment or like the natural look of the materials.

Incorporate Nature

Put a small bracelet on a big rock to show the difference, or hide earrings in flowers to represent feminine and growth. Sand, wood, and moss can be good backgrounds for your jewelry. They match the textures and materials well. When you use elements of nature in your jewelry, it makes your pieces look beautiful and connects them to the natural world.

Creative Idea #4: Experiment with Different Angles

Exploring various angles and perspectives can breathe new life into your jewelry photos. Taking a picture of jewelry from above shows how balanced it is, while a side view can make one piece look more three-dimensional.

Experiment with Different Angles

An extreme close-up zooms in on a small detail, like a clasp or a special gemstone setting. It shows things you might not see right away. Rotate the jewelry to see how light hits it from different angles. Find the best angles for taking photos.

Creative Idea #5: Use Reflections

Looking at your jewelry in a mirror can make your photos look more interesting and sophisticated. Reflective surfaces help make jewelry look attractive and draw attention to its design with symmetrical compositions.

Use Reflections

When a mirror is put under a ring, it can show both the stone and the band. And when a piece of jewelry is on a shiny table, it can reflect things around it and make the image look deeper. Try using different shiny materials like metal or water to create cool reflections on your jewelry.

Creative Idea #6: Tell a Story

Telling stories in your jewelry pictures can help your brand connect with customers and show them the importance of each piece. Telling a story about your jewelry can be more than just showing the final piece. It can also include where you got the idea, how you made it, or how your culture influenced the design.

Tell a Story

Taking a picture of an open locket with a note inside can show a personal story. A photo of a craftsman working on a piece can show their dedication and skill. When you tell a story with your pictures, it helps customers understand and connect with your jewelry better. This can make them more interested in buying it.

Creative Idea #7: Show the Jewelry in Action

Seeing jewelry on a person can help potential customers envision how it would fit into their own style and life. Using models or even friends to wear your jewelry in various scenarios can showcase its flexibility and appeal.

show the jewelry in action

Catch the sparkle of a bracelet during a handshake, or notice how a necklace adds beauty to an outfit in a casual place. Photos of jewelry being worn during activities like dancing or running can make your pieces look lively and fun.

Depicting your jewelry in relatable, everyday moments can make it more accessible and appealing to a wider audience.

Creative Idea #8: Utilize Negative Space

When used well, empty space can help make jewelry photos look better. It helps your jewelry to look good and be noticed by people. Having less stuff around your jewelry can make it seem fancy and special.

utilize negative space

It can make the image more powerful because the viewer can focus better without distractions. To make your jewelry stand out, choose a plain background and don’t overcrowd the picture. This will give it a sleek and modern appearance.

Creative Idea #9: Use Macro Photography

Macro photography opens up a world of detail that might otherwise go unnoticed. It can showcase the intricacy of a weave, the precision of a setting, or the subtle texture of a metal surface.


Buying a good macro lens can help you capture small details and show off the quality of your jewelry. Close-up pictures work well for online stores because customers can’t see items in real life. Close-up photos show detailed views, making customers trust that your products are good quality.

Creative Idea #10: Play with Color

Color plays a big role in telling a story through pictures. It can make your photos feel different depending on the mood you want to create. Using a thoughtful color palette can make your jewelry pop and resonate with viewers on an emotional level.

Play with Color

Try using different backgrounds and props to show off the colors of your jewelry. You can also pick colors that are different from your pieces to make them really pop. Using different colors for each season can work well. Use light colors for spring, bright colors for summer, and deep, warm colors for fall and winter.

Pay attention to color trends as well, including them into your photography to keep your images fresh and current.


Jewelry photography requires paying attention to small details, being creative, and trying new things. Use creative ideas for photoshoots to make beautiful images of jewelry. The pictures can tell a story and make people feel something. Keep getting better at what you do, stay open to new ideas, and show off your creative side when making your jewelry unique.

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