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Basic Real Estate Photo Editing Guide for Photographers

In the Real Estate Industry, real estate photo editing is an essential part that real estate photographers use to enhance the visibility and quality of real estate property photos that helps to sell properties online. There’s a huge demand for real estate photo editing, and companies are looking for editors who can enhance the quality of images that sell more houses. If you’re planning to get into real-estate photo editing, then this guide will be helpful for you. In this guide, we’ve covered everything about real-estate photo editing and all the basic terms you need to know in real-estate photo editing. By the end of this guide, you’ll be ready to become a professional real-estate photo editor.

Table of Contents

Exposure Adjustment

Exposure Adjustment comes in a camera’s light meter setting that photographers use to darken or brighten images before they are captured. Exposure adjustment is a personal choice for photographers to adjust lighting in-camera to dark or brighten based on the view photographer captured. Some cameras come with auto-exposure; when a camera is focused on something very dark, it automatically brightens up the exposure. When the camera is focused very bright, it automatically darkens the exposure. Exposure adjustment is a camera’s setting used to manage the proper lighting and capture the scene beautifully.

Real Estate Multiple Exposure Bracketing

White Balance Adjustment

White Balance is a camera’s setting used to adjust the color of light to its neutral point based on the scene. When a Photographer captures a scene where white appears blue/orange, the white balance adjusts the color as white to capture more natural. Many options are available for photographers to adjust the white balance in the camera, such as Sunlight, Shade, Tungsten, Cloudy, Flash, and Fluorescent, based on the scene. It also comes with Auto White balance settings whenever a camera focuses on something, then automatically white balance based on the scene lighting.

Real Estate Interior White Balance Adjustment

Real Estate Decluttering

As we all know, “First impression is the last impression.” In Real Estate Industry, the only way to catch a buyer’s attention is by showing attractive, qualitative, and flawless property photos to the buyers. So it’s essential to display the property’s images cleaner, eye-catching and beautiful, and for this, Photographers used decluttering. Real Estate Decluttering removes all the flaws from the property’s images like removing unwanted objects, messy-looking kitchen, replacing furniture, removing the unwanted interior, and restoring furniture to show the property as new in photos. It helps to display clean, eye-catching, and attractive property photos that increase the chances of selling a home.

Real Estate Clutter Removal Two

Day to Dusk

Day to Dusk Photo editing is always in-demand, and it’s used to convert day into night. Most photographers are capturing property photos in daylight instead of shooting at night, and the reason behind this is low quality and low sharpness. With the help of Day to Dusk Photo Editing, photographers can easily replace the day sky tonight, white balance, fix minor issues, add interior lighting and enhance color tone to make it more attractive and flawless. Day to Dusk Photo editing is cost-effective, better than an actual night shoot, and eye-catching for buyers.

Day to Dusk Conversion Real Estate

Swimming Pool Enhancement

Most online advertisements showing beautiful images of their places like swimming pools in hotels, resorts, villas, and other visiting locations catch tourist attention by showing clean, beautiful, and luxurious swimming pools. And to display high-level visibility of swimming pool images, photographers use swimming pool enhancement. It’s a photo editing process that converts day to night, watercolor correction, sunlight reflection, brightness management, and lighting and gardening effects near the swimming pool. It’s one of the top-most photo editing services to enhance swimming pool photos.

Real Estate Swimming Pool Clean Up

Color Cast Removal

Color cast is a tint of color that affects the whole image and shows different colors compared to the original color tone. That’s why photographers are using color cast removal to remove these tints of colors from the image and get back to its real beauty of colors. Especially in Real-estate photos where color casting can affect sales, it’s important to edit these images and get back their original colors in real-estate photos with enhancement. The color cast can easily be removed with various methods of editing.

Real Estate Camera Flash Removal

Image Sharpening

Sometimes Photos are left with low-quality or blurriness that needs to be removed from the photos. For this, photographers are using Image Sharpening to enhance the quality of pictures and increase sharpness. Image Sharpening is an effect that enhances the quality of photos, removes errors, increases the object’s sharpness, and makes it eye-catching. After Image Sharpening, the Photos look more realistic, and it makes a better version of the image with high visibility.

Real Estate Photography Editing

Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging is an amazing virtual technology that adds different types of beautiful virtual furniture to the empty home image. It’s a cost-effective way to visualize a property with virtual furniture without owning it. If there’s an empty home image, then virtual staging can use special technology to add different virtual furniture to the empty home image and decorate it beautifully that looks realistic. It is also used to remove unwanted furniture or clutter from the home image and make the property photo more attractive. The image shows every room full of beautiful virtual furniture, décor, and accessories. Virtual Staging helps to convert an empty home image into a well-furnished, décor home image that catches buyers’ attention and increases the chances of purchasing or visiting a home.

Real Estate Virtual Staging Living Room

High Dynamic Range (HDR) in Real Estate

HDR is known as High Dynamic Range, and it’s an editing effect that is mainly used to enhance every interior in a room photo. When photographers cannot capture all the details of a scene in one photo, like shadows and highlights, then they use HDR to edit these photos, enhance the quality, and make them more attractive. HDR is a one-stop solution to improve the lighting by capturing images in different exposures and coming up with great-looking photos. The main aim of using HDR is to maintain the lighting conditions according to a scene and enhance the details of everything in the photo.

Real Estate Photo Editing Photoshop

Color Correction

Color Correction is a technique photographers use to recolor a photo to its original color tone. Sometimes captured images show different colors as compared to the real world. For this, color correction is the best way to bring the original colors back in photos to make them colorful, attractive, and eye-catching. With the Color Correction technique, it’s easy to balance the color of pictures and enhance their visibility. There are many things to adjust in color correction, including contrast, ISO, noise, white balance, exposure, and other things that help in color correction.

Color Correction Real Estate Photo Editing

Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching is all about removing the imperfections from a photo, including dust, low-light, blemishes, color tone, over brightness, and many other issues that affect the quality of photos. With Photo Retouching, it’s easy to convert an imperfect, low-quality photo into a perfect, high-quality, and eye-catching photo that surely catches anyone’s attention. The term “Retouch” is specifically used to remove minor issues from the image and make it better quality, attractive, and flawless. Photo Retouching can bring a new life to any photo by removing all the issues in editing and converting them into flawless images. Photo Retouching is in-demand and used in real estate, weddings, photography, etc.

Real Estate Photo Retouching Photoshop

Real Estate Video Editing

In today’s world, if anyone wants to sell more homes and wants more buyers’ attention, then real estate videos are the most effective way to find potential buyers. To make real estate videos attractive, sellers use real estate video editing services. With real-estate video editing, it’s easy to enhance the quality of real-estate videos, remove minor issues like unclear shots and unwanted areas, color correction, HD resolution, add eye-catching effects and make it stable video with high resolution. Real-estate video editing is the most cost-effective way to enhance the quality of your real-estate video and catch buyers’ attention and sell more homes.

Panorama Stitching

Panorama Stitching is also known as image-stitching, and it’s an amazing feature in cameras that allow a photographer to capture 35mm or longer scenes in one shot. This feature comes in cameras and smartphones, and anyone can easily use this feature to capture a panorama view by stitching images. Many photographers use this feature to capture beautiful panorama views with HDR resolution. Panorama Stitching is mainly used to capture a wide field of view in one shot and allows a photographer to capture a 180° or 360° view of the landscape. In Panorama Stitching, you can set up your camera or smartphone and start capturing from one angle to another angle, and its end process is one image with a complete wide landscape.

Panorama Stitching

Sky Replacement

Sky Replacement is one of the best photo editing features that can easily replace the sky in the image. Suppose a beautiful photo with an amazing scene and everything looks perfect, but the weather is not clear. Instead of waiting for the right weather, photographers are using Sky replacement to replace the sky with a beautiful and shiny sky that enhances photos’ quality and makes them more attractive and visible. Sky Replacement is mainly used in real estate photography, where a beautiful sky is necessary for the best photography. With sky replacement editing, it’s easy to add different types of skies like the blue sky, spectacular sky, and sunset as per scene demand.

Sky Replacement Real Estate Photo Editing

Object Removal

When Photographers are doing a Photoshoot, some captured photos are left with unwanted objects in the background that need to be removed. At this point, an object removal tool is used to remove the unwanted objects from the image and remove them beautifully to enhance the quality and visibility of the image. For example, In real estate photos, some photos are left with unwanted furniture or objects in the garden that need to be removed. Object removal helps remove the object without lowering the quality. It’s a cost-effective tool that helps photographers produce some attractive and best sky scene photos.

Real Estate Photoshop Retouching

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Joepet Macariola is the visionary CEO of 'Photo Editing Company' at Cebu, bringing over 16 years of leadership and innovation to the photo editing industry. Under his guidance, 'Photo Editing Company' has grown from a small startup into a recognized company, known for its cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service.

Joepet's career began in graphic design, where he quickly realized his passion for digital imagery and editing. He holds an Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science Major in Graphic Design from University of San Carlos. This has enabled him to drive 'Photo Editing Company' mission of providing top-tier photo editing solutions to clients ranging from individual photographers to large enterprises.

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