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Benefits of using Virtual Try-On for Jewelry Business

In today’s world, technology is growing rapidly, and Augmented Reality (AR) is now becoming a part of the online jewelry business. After the Pandemic, customers’ shopping experience has shifted from physical to online stores. To make customers’ online shopping experience more realistic, companies use Augmented Reality (AR) technology to try on jewelry by using their smartphone cameras. The competition is growing heavily, and businesses need to adapt the technology to make a place in the market. If you’re running an online Jewelry business and struggling with the high competition, then it’s time to adapt the AR technology and stand out as a unique brand.  In this article, we’ve discussed everything about Augmented Reality (AR), its benefits, and why Virtual Try-On jewelry is essential for the online jewelry business. 

What is a Jewelry Virtual Try-On?

Jewelry Virtual Try-On is a feature that allows customers to try jewelry by using their smartphone camera, just like people are using Snapchat and applying filters. With Jewelry Virtual Try-On, customers can visualize what Jewelry looks like on them before making a buying decision, and it’s possible because of Augmented Reality (AR) technology. This technology is used in online Jewelry stores where customers can go to their store, choose a Jewelry they want to try, and click on the picture for a virtual Try-On. This is one of the best ways to try out any Jewelry without spending money and choosing the best one later.  In the future, virtual Try-On will be high, and most stores are using this feature so that customers can try the products and make buying decisions faster.

Top 5 Benefits of a Jewelry Virtual Try-On

  •  Increase customer’s time spent on Store
  • Stand out as a Unique brand
  •  Increase Sales
  • Meet customer’s expectations
  •  Easy to share on social media

1. Increase customer’s time spent on Store

After the Pandemic, the demand for online shopping increased. But customers won’t be able to touch, feel physical, or Try-On jewelry, resulting in customers leaving the store faster, and companies are getting lower sales and conversions. After doing in-depth research and survey, companies found that customers want to try-On jewelry before buying decisions. This is where Jewelry Virtual Try-On comes that allows customers to choose a Jewelry and Try-On virtually to visualize how it looks in reality. After this feature rolls out in the Online Jewelry store, customers start spending more time in the store and end up with more sales and high ROI.

Increase customer's time spent on Store

2. Stand out as a Unique brand

In this high competition, you need to do something unique that stands out from your brand and catches customers’ attention. By adopting Augmented Reality (AR) in your online jewelry business, you can enhance the customer’s shopping experience that surely differentiates your brand from others. Whenever any customer comes to your store, choose a Jewelry and Try-On virtually. It provides a realistic shopping experience to customers and increases the chances of making buying decisions faster. 

Stand out as a Unique brand

3. Increase Sales

The biggest benefit of using the Virtual Try-On feature in your store is getting more purchases and conversions. Because of Virtual Try-On, customers can visualize how Jewelry looks and help them to make purchase decisions faster. According to Shopify, 94% higher conversions rate increase compared to normal online stores.

Increase Sales

4. Meet customer’s expectations

Whenever any customer spends a good amount of money, they think twice before making buying decisions. So it’s necessary to understand the customer’s expectations and work accordingly. If you’re running an online Jewelry store and expect customers to purchase high-price Jewelry, you can’t only show a single piece of photo and want sales. You need to satisfy them that customers are buying the right Jewelry, and for this, you can add a virtual Try-On feature that satisfies customers’ needs so that customers can make buying decisions faster.

Meet customer's expectations

5. Easy to share on social media

As we know, people make shopping decisions by asking their friend’s/loved ones opinions. So you can go to any online Jewelry store, choose a Jewelry, Try-On virtually and take a snap that you can share on social media with your loved ones and make it easy for them to share their opinion when they can see the virtual jewelry on yourself.

Easy to share on social media

Final Verdict

Overall, the demand for Jewelry Virtual Try-On is growing, and soon most online Jewelry stores will adopt this technology for customers’ shopping experience. It’s the future of shopping, and customers will experience an advanced level of shopping experience with a lot more new features. It’s a great time for those running an online Jewelry store who want to stand out as a unique brand. Let us know your opinion about the Virtual Try-On jewelry experience? Contact us today!

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