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E-commerce Product Photography [Complete Guide 2022]

E-commerce companies can’t let their customers touch, taste, hear or smell the online products. That’s why showing attractive product photos has become an essential part of an online ecommerce store. 

In this Digital Era, the demand for product photographers is increasing rapidly. Almost all e-commerce companies want professional product photographers to take appealing, professional and eye-catching photos that attract customers to make purchase decisions faster in large volumes of goods. 

If you want to become a professional product photographer, then this guide will be helpful for you.

In this guide, we’ve covered everything about product photography, its equipment and how you can take product photos professionally.

Without any further delay, Let’s begin!

What is Product Photography?

Product photography is a way to present products to potential customers in an online store. 

Product photography can easily show the customers how the product looks, works and other necessary details about the product. 

We all have heard that “A picture speaks thousands of words,” so let the photo speak about the product.

Product photography is a highly professional and detailed work that includes lighting, layout, equipment, settings and many other small factors to take professional product photos. 

7 Essential Equipment for Product Photography [2022]

If you’re serious about making your career as a professional product photographer, you require some essential equipment that can help you take professional photos of products. 

Let’s see seven essential equipments for product photography:

1. Camera

The essential equipment is a DSLR camera with manual customization like aperture, shutter sound, ISO and white balance. And it must be 12 megapixels with an autofocus feature.

2. Tripod

A tripod can help you take professional product photos with stability.

3. White background

For e-commerce product photography, white background is must-have equipment to take professional, eye-catching and appealing product photos. 

4. Bounce cards

It’s mainly used for lighting setup to reflect light onto products to reduce shadows. 

5. Product table

A standard folding table is essential to hold the product & white background in a fixed position.

6. Tape or clamps

You can use tape or clamps to place white background.

7. Lighting

If you have a good budget, you can buy artificial lighting equipment to enhance the product’s visibility. 

How to Take Product Photos (step-by-step)

Follow these simple steps to become a professional product photographer:

Step 1 – Set up your Table with proper lighting

You should position your table according to the light source. If you’re doing an indoor shoot, make sure all other lights are switched off, and only natural light or Artificial light is coming onto the product without any shadow. 

Step 2 – Place white background securely

You should use tape & clamps to place the white background on all the edges so that no edge is visible behind the product. 

Step 3 – Select camera settings

You need to turn off the camera flash, set your camera to manual focus, set the white balance to auto mode, set ISO to 100, set f-stop (aperture), and f/8 is good for starting.

Step 4 – Position your product carefully

You must place your product in the middle of white background. Try to adjust multiple ways to find accurate lighting, position and show products appealing. 

Step 5 – Prevent shadows using bounce cards

Place your bounce cards on the table but out of the frame to prevent shadows. Try to find the best position/angels until the Product looks eye-catching.

Step 6 – Setup Tripod & Take multiple Shots

You need to place your tripod in the center of the frame and make sure that the camera is close to capturing all the details in the product. Once you’ve placed it perfectly, try to take multiple shots of the product to analyze the best position/angle.

Step 7 – Edit your photos

You can use some advanced editing softwares to enhance the photo quality and make it more appealing and attractive.

These are seven steps to becoming a professional product photographer.

Final Verdict

Product photography plays an essential part in selling products in online stores, and that’s why the demand for professional product photographers is always in-demand. 

We hope this article helps you know everything about Product Photography and how you can make a successful career in this field. If you have more questions and comments, just leave a message in a comment section or CONTACT us.