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Ecommerce Ghost Mannequin

 Ecommerce ghost mannequin services provide a variety of post production services for photographers, videographers, and other creative professionals. They offer everything from retouching to color correction to compositing. The team consists of experienced editors who have years of experience in the industry. An image editing service can be used for different purposes such as advertising, marketing and product photography. However, it is most commonly used in the fashion and beauty industries. Photographers can use these services to clean up photos or make them look more natural, such as by removing blemishes or wrinkles, changing hair color, and adding makeup effects.

Photo Editing Company‘ ghost mannequin images  editing services can guarantee an accomplished mannequin’s removal using photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. With the attractive and professional edited photos, we assure you that  increasing your daily sales won’t be a challenge. In the e-Commerce industry where consumers rely mainly on images to make buying decisions, product images that draw attention and compel consumers to buy what you are selling help guarantee leads and conversions.

Ghost Mannequin Service


Photo editing company has many services in photo editing and photo retouching. These services are fully customizable to any client, photographer or business around the world. It can start from a simple resizing, cropping, removal or retouching major parts of the image.

Altering the Fabric Color

Ghost mannequin image editing services are a unique way of altering the fabric color, which is not possible in Photoshop. The process involves adding a layer on top of the fabric to alter its color and then using a brush to paint over it. The process for Ghost Mannequin Image Editing Services is as follows:

  • Choose your desired fabric color (usually black).
  • Add a filter layer on top of the fabric that will change the color.
  • Paint over the filter layer with a brush tool.
Product Photo Editing

Addition or Removal of Objects

The process of image editing services is a complicated one. It involves removing or adding objects from an image and then blending them to create a whole new image altogether. This process can be done in different ways depending on the type of service being provided. The following are some examples of what can happen during this process:

  • Removing objects from an image to make it lighter or darker
  • Adding objects to an existing object in the same photo to make it appear closer or farther away from that object, or even moving that object altogether into another photo.

Process of Removing the Mannequin

  • Ghost mannequin effect to Display Label
  • Merging Front and Back Shots
  • Texture Enhancement
  • Editing on See through Mannequin
  • Background Modification
  • Retouching with 3D Floating  Method

Visual impact

In an online shopping site, the first thing that the user sees is the image of the product and then moves on to its price list. With a striking product image in place, the user will be more attracted towards the product and influence him to buy it. One can make this powerful impression.

Product display

When it comes to a shopping website, one has to showcase the right images of the products so as to lessen customer inquiries. Through photo clipping service, one can highlight the product’s various angles and provide quality photos of the product.

Boost sales

The photo says it all. If your products are visually brilliant and catchy, then you can expect more sales.

How Our Service Works in Online Photo Editing Company