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Free Lightroom Preset

Free Lightroom preset is available here for you to work faster and do your editing is half time. Our collection of free lightroom presets includes lightroom presets for weddings, street, summer, portraits, landscape photography and many more. We provide free of cost lightroom preset for the photo editors who need to finish their work in half the time. Besides, even the non-professionals and newbies can use this lightroom for their work. It will be handy for them as they will not have to use the editing tools separately. 

What are Lightroom Presets

Lightroom presets are the files which hold specific settings to edit a photo. They allow the editing person to save the photo with the settings available in that specific lightroom. With lightroom, you can adjust color, size, crop, re-size as well as the background of the image. They come in handy when there are bulk of photos to edit. Such as weddings, functions, fashion photo editing, etc. 

How to Create a Lightroom Preset?

In photoshop run the lightroom from the settings. After that click the ‘Develop’ module which will be available in your settings of photoshop. Then you just have to simply save the settings of your desired lightroom. Even if you have a thousand photos in the list, all you have to do is simply use the lightroom which you have just created. It will pass all the settings in your images and it will be automatically edited in even less than half time. The file with all the editing settings saved in it is known as Lightroom preset. 

Some of our most famous lightrooms are listed below along with their description so that you can use them.

1 – Black & White Presets

Black & white presets are usually used for classic photos. It gives a swaggy and dramatic look to the image. If there is bad lighting in your photo, then you can use black and white preset to adjust the lighting. Editing a huge number of photos using free lightroom preset is a win win situation. 

2 – Sepia Lightroom Presets

Sepia Lightroom presets give an old or ancient look to the photos. They provide a vintage effect to the photos. Beside, sepia lightroom presets to give a unique highlight to the photos. It’s nice tone gives a smooth golden shine. It adds warm yet old fashioned looks and frames to the photos.

3 – Lightroom Preset for Wedding

On weddings, there are thousands of photos to edit. A good editor will never edit them one by one but will always use lightroom instead. Just download the wedding lightroom preset, and then add it in photoshop. You will be able to edit all the photos at once without much hustle.

4 – Matte Lightroom Preset

Matte Lightroom preset lets you clean the colors from the photo such as they appear to be matte. It first adjusts the skin tone according to needs and requirements. After that, it removes the shine from the photos which then after getting printed comes out to be matte. 

5 – Pastel Lightroom Preset

Have you ever seen the photos on Tumblr? They are so dreamy, nice and attractive. They appear to be different from other photos which we see just because of a dreamy touch. Free Lightroom preset for pastel allows you to apply that dreamy and soft look on your photos without much effort. 

6 – Free Lightroom Preset for Portrait

If you have an e-commerce store where you add product photos regularly then you must use portrait preset. With the help of this portrait preset, you will be able to edit photos in bulk for your online store. The best thing is that it will give a focused and a glammy look at the products which will attract viewers. 

7 – Landscape Lightroom Preset

Who does not love nature and its photos? But have you ever noticed that the photos you see on the internet are not purely original? Yes, almost all the times they are edited. Our landscape lightroom preset gives a very nice and sharp look at the landscapes. No matter if it is a sunset, sunrise, or an afternoon image, this free lightroom presets will surely enhance the beauty of your image. By sharpening the colors, highlighting and bringing a contrast this preset will glam up your landscape photo. 

8 – Film Lightroom Preset

Although people working in the film industry do not use lightroom much as they have to edit every shot individually. But there are shots of a photo shoot where they apply lightroom preset just to complete work in no time. And it comes in so handy with bulk work. Free Lightroom preset for filming is available here for you to give your photos a classy, highlight and glamorous look.

9 – Fashion Lightroom Preset

You can use this preset for all kind of shots, for the closeups, far photos or the medium ones. It adds high contrast and brightness to the photos to display the color in full. Besides, it also adds a miraculous warm look to the photos which makes them unique and nice.

10 – Free lightroom Preset for HDR

This free of cost lightroom preset for HDR will add brilliant vibes to the images. This amazing lightroom preset is specifically made to be used for architects and building photos. As it adds the vibrant vibes and bright colors, it is good for real-estate photos. In case, your image lacks the bright colors or much of light then use this HDR lightroom preset. 

In case you need lightroom according to your choice and settings then let us know. We will make the lightroom preset for you to use in your photos. This way you will not have to pay a huge amount for editing your photos. Just add the preset in adobe and keep editing your photos. But you will have to have a keen eye as sometimes the setting of lightroom preset does not suit the image. And hence you will have to do the editing manually. For this, you can hire a professional editor or simply edit yourself. All depends upon your needs and quality requirements.

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