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Professional Jewelry Photography

How to take Professional Jewelry Photography with your iPhone?

Professional Jewelry Photography with an iPhone can be challenging, but it’s the most affordable and best alternative solution for DSLR Camera. An iPhone can capture high-quality images with minor details, and that’s all required in Jewelry Photography. 

But the most challenging task is to take pictures of jewelry with an iPhone, and you need to learn from experts.  So the question is, how can you take professional Jewelry photos with an iPhone?

In this guide, we’ve covered the step-by-step process of taking Professional Jewelry photos, and experts give tips for becoming a professional iPhone photographer. Let’s get started!

Guide on Taking Photos of Jewelry with iPhone

It’s possible to take Professional Jewelry photos with your iPhone, but you need to carefully follow the instructions and step-by-step process to capture Jewelry Photos. 

Whether you’ve iPhone X, 11, 12, 13, or any Pro Max, it doesn’t matter, and you can take high-quality photos with any iPhone. So don’t go for the max range of the iPhone if you have a smaller investment budget. 

Once you’ve selected your iPhone, it’s time to start your journey to become a professional Jewelry Photographer with an iPhone.

Equipment required to achieve Professional Jewelry Photography with iPhone:

For professionals in Jewelry Photography, you need some other equipment to capture high-quality jewelry photos. 

Here’s the list of essential equipment for jewelry photography:

LightBox: You need to choose a lightbox with good lighting and quality material.

Lighting Source: You can consider a table lamp or natural light from the window to do Jewelry Photography

  • Tripod: To capture stable Jewelry photos, a tripod is an essential equipment.

  • Cosmetic mirror: Sometimes, Jewelry photos require reflections and require this cosmetic mirror.
  • Jewelry Props: To hold the jewelry at a perfect angle to capture complete details of the jewelry, you require Jewelry Props.
  • Macro Lens: A good lens for iPhone is essential to capture the minor details of the jewelry in the most attractive manner.

These are some must-have equipment for jewelry photography with an iPhone.

Step-by-Step Process to take Jewelry Photos with iPhone

Step-by-step process to achieve Professional Jewelry Photography.

Step 1 – Use your iPhone

First, you need to select your iPhone with whom you want to do Jewelry Photography. Once you’ve selected them, clean the outer surface of your iPhone camera and keep your iPhone fully charged to capture photos without any interruptions.

Use your iPhone

Step 2 – Place your Jewelry on the Table

Before placing your jewelry on a table or any flat surface, make sure you’ve done proper cleaning and polishing the jewelry to reflect the beauty of the Jewelry. 

Once you’ve done polishing, place the jewelry on the Table with the best possible angle where it reflects its real beauty and looks eye-catching.

Place your Jewelry on the Table

Step 3 – Setup Tripod

Now it’s time to set up your Tripod with your iPhone at the perfect angle that shows the jewelry’s complete details and beauty. 

With Tripod, you can capture stable images without blurring, and you can capture jewelry photos from different angles to enhance the beauty of the jewelry. But you need to pick the right Tripod as per your jewelry photography, and it depends on many factors like durability, length, quality, material, rotation, etc.

Setup Tripod

Once you’ve placed a Tripod with the iPhone at a perfect angle, you’re ready for the next step.

Step 4 – Lighting Source

For jewelry photography, you required soft lighting. If you’ve less of an investment budget, natural sunlight is one of the best lighting sources that many people use for jewelry photography. You can place your table near the window, where you’ll get soft light on Jewelry and reflect the beauty of the design. Instead of a studio, you can do a Jewelry Photography shoot with natural sunlight at your home/office.

But if you have a good budget, you can buy artificial lighting equipment to enhance the beauty of your jewelry and capture more attractive jewelry photos.

Lighting Source

Step 5 – Focus on iPhone Zoom Power

Your iPhone zoom capability is essential to know before capturing photos because more zoom can destroy your photo’s quality, or less zoom capture less details. You need to understand your iPhone Zoom power and set zoom accordingly where all the jewelry details are captured without losing the quality.

There are some key points you need to consider in iPhone Zoom:

Focus on iPhone Zoom Power

  • Keep your iPhone camera 1-2 meters away from your jewelry to capture complete details of the jewelry with the best possible frame.

  • You need to tap on the iPhone screen so that the camera specifically focuses on the jewelry and gives more Crips and an eye-catching look to the jewelry.

  • Setup your Tripod in a fixed position where you need not move your angle.

  • Capture lots of jewelry photos because more photos help you find the most beautiful and perfect shot. You can also take pictures from different angles by using Tripod and see what angle reflects the beauty of the jewelry.

Step 6 – Invest in Good Lens

Having a good lens is essential if you’re doing Jewelry Photography with an iPhone. You need to find a macro lens to get clear and high-quality Jewelry photos. The macro lens comes with an optical zoom feature that helps capture the jewelry’s details in high quality. It also helps you resolve difficult lighting and focusing situations because macro lenses have prebuilt autofocus and adjustable lighting that can enhance the quality of captured photos.

Step 7 – Use Applications

If you’ve found that your iPhone camera is not sharp enough to capture details, you need to install “Camera” based applications in your iPhone that level up your camera quality to DSLR. 

There are numerous applications available on iPhone that help you do high-quality photography. You can find the best suitable camera application on your iPhone and use it for jewelry photography. 

When you use these camera applications for photography, you can make adjustments like exposure, lighting, white balance, saturation, and many more things that help you enhance the camera’s quality. 

Use Applications

Step 8 – Keep Practice

As we all know, that Practice makes perfect, and if you keep practicing Jewelry Photography with your iPhone, you will become a professional Jewelry Photographer and become an expert. 

So try all the do’s and don’ts of jewelry Photography with an iPhone and get experienced in capturing high-quality jewelry photos.

These eight steps help you capture high-quality jewelry photos with your iPhone.

 Keep Practice

Best Background for Jewelry Photography

If you want to professional Jewelry Photography, you know the importance of background. So it’s essential to pick the best background according to the object. 

1. White Background

For an e-commerce website, white background is the most popular and essential background to showcase the jewelry with its real beauty. And help customers to see Jewelry without distracting anywhere.

White Background

2. Black Background

The black background is also a better alternative for jewelry photography because black background helps to reflect the beauty of the jewelry in the most attractive manner.

Black Background

3. Creative Background

For eye-catching Jewelry Photography, you can use a creative background like playground, nature, and forest areas for jewelry photography.

Creative Background

4. Photography with Models

This is the most influential and best way to showcase your jewelry, i.e., Jewelry wearing a model can reflect its real beauty and is easy to capture. It gives a clear idea to your customers how Jewelry looks when they wear it. So if you have a good budget, then surely Jewelry with models is the best fit.

Photography with Models

Final Verdict

Jewelry Photography with an iPhone is challenging, but if you follow the given instructions and step-by-step process, you can surely become a professional Jewelry Photographer. But make sure you keep practicing to take Jewelry photos so that you become an experienced photographer. 

When you capture high-quality Jewelry photos with an iPhone or DSLR, it’s not enough to publish in the store. Sometimes captured Jewelry Photos are left with spots, dust, low lighting, and unwanted objects in the background that need to be removed. For this, you need to hire a professional Jewelry retouching services provider like Photo Editing Company. We have a team of retouching experts who can edit your jewelry photos and deliver high-quality, flawless, and attractive Jewelry Photos that catch customers’ attention and encourage them to buy them immediately. Contact us today to use our Jewelry Retouching services to convert your simple Jewelry Photo into attractive and qualitative photos at affordable prices.