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How to Perfectly Remove Unwanted Objects from a photo using Photoshop?

Do you want to remove unnecessary objects from your photos? If Yes, we’ll show you easy ways to remove the object from the photos. 

Sometimes people find a perfect place to take a photo with great lighting, beautiful background, and itself looks great, but after taking a shot, they realize that the image contains some ugly or unwanted objects that need to be removed immediately. 

But how?

In this guide, we’ve covered a simple step-by-step process to remove unwanted objects from your photos using Photoshop. 

Without any further delay, Let’s begin!

Here are four simple ways to remove objects from your photos:

  • By using the “Spot Healing Brush”
  • By using the “Content-Aware Fill” tool
  • By using “Patch Tool”
  • By using the “Clone Stamp” tool

Let’s explain how to use these tools to remove unwanted objects in Photoshop:

1. Remove objects by using Spot Healing Brush

“Spot Healing Brush” is one of the easiest ways to remove unwanted objects from photos, and you can easily remove small objects from the background.

  • Open Photoshop on your PC/Laptop and insert an image you want to remove unwanted objects.
  • Take your mouse cursor to the unwanted object in the photo and right-click, select Duplicate Layer and click OK
  • Now you see an original photo without any previous changes (if you’ve done some editing)
  • Go to the Spot Healing Brush, which is under the Eyedropper.
  • Use [ ] Keys to select your brush size based on the object size you want to remove and paint the brush over the entire unwanted object. 
  •  And at the end, you’ve successfully removed that object.

2. Remove objects by using Content-Aware Fill

If you’re looking for accuracy and perfection, you can consider this way. But make sure you start with an original photo without any changes.

  • Once you have the original photo, go to Quick Selection Tool.
  • Select the elements you want to remove with Quick selection 
  • Use [ ] keys to set the brush size based on the size of the element
  • You can add select areas with Shift + Click and remove selected areas with Alt + Click.
  • If your image has complex shape objects, use Lasso Tool to select & remove draw areas.
  • When you’ve selected the elements, then go to Edit in the menu bar and select the Content-Aware Fill tool
  • Paint this brush over elements and see the magic!

3. Remove objects by using the Patch Tool

Patch Tool is within the Spot Healing Brush menu. This tool explicitly helps you remove objects and fill them with similar background parts. 

  • First, select a photo to remove objects.
  • Go to the Spot Healing Brush menu and click on Patch Tool.
  • Drag your cursor around the object to select part carefully, and then click on the other part of the photo to find the best match background that can replace the object
  • You’ll remove the object as best possible.

4. Remove objects by using Clone Stamp

If you want to remove objects that look similar to the background, use Clone Stamp. 

  • Select an image to remove objects
  • Go to Clone Stamp under the brush menu.
  • Press Alt and click on the part and use [ ] to adjust brush size
  • Move your cursor to the object and start brushing the object but keep checking after each stroke to ensure it looks similar.

These are four simple methods to remove unwanted objects from photos using Photoshop. 

We hope these methods help you remove unwanted objects from your photos and make them more attractive to upload. If you have more questions, just leave a message in a comment section or CONTACT us.