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How to Remove Color Cast

In photography, color cast is the appearance of different colors in the same scene, due to different light sources or types of cameras. You can remove color cast with various techniques, but in this article, we will focus on one technique that is easy and fast – removing color cast in Photoshop.

The process to remove color cast in photoshop includes a few steps:

  • Open the image you want to edit
  • Adjust your layers: click on “layer” on top of your screen and select “new adjustment layer” from the drop down menu
  • Select “levels” from the list and click ok
  • Select a point on your graph that matches as closely as possible with your desired outcome
  • Click ok

Photo editing company is a company that provides a various range of color cast removal services. We also offer other services such as photo retouching, background removal, image manipulation and many more. Discover how our services can improve your photographs for your online business.

Real Estate

Real Estate Camera Flash Removal
Need to remove the camera flash from your photos? We remove it and make your photos crisp, bright and beautiful.


Have you ever had your headshot taken for a professional profile picture and felt like it just didn’t look “right”? Well, that’s probably because of color cast. With headshot color cast removal, you can make sure your pictures come out looking.


Jewelry Photo Retouching
When you took a photo of your jewelry, there are chance that there is color cast or reflection that can make the photos ugly, our services can help you remove the unwanted reflection and we can make it look attractive.


Removing the color cast on your wedding photography will make your photos look memorable and appealing in your album.


Product Ecommerce Photo Editing Service
Correcting the color, change the mood of lightning , make it clear and attractive. This technique help you boost the sale of your ecommerce business.


With the help of photo editor, you can edit and modify your own photo in a very easy way. With the help of this photo editor, you can alter various aspects of your photos like color, tone, brightness and many more. We are ready to get started.

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