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Jewelry Image Editing Service

How to Retouch Jewelry Photo in Photoshop

Retouching jewelry photo is an art. A photo editor used the Photoshop tool to enhance the image of jewelry by using adjustment layers, color curves, and more. Photo retouching service refers to manipulating, retouching, improving, enhancing the picture to make it look attractive online. Below is the process of editing, retouching, and removing background in the photos using Adobe Photoshop:

  1. Open the raw images
  2. Select pen tool
  3. Take the path
  4. Draw the path
  5. Convert the selection
  6. Inverse selection
  7. Duplicate the background layer
  8. Delete the Background
Healing Tool
Tools used for retouching to remove dust and scratches of your jewelry images.
Pen Tool
This tools is used for clipping path. Clipping pathing the photos before retouch will give the most perfect outcome of retouched images.
Photo Editing Company is one of the best company which provides a jewelry retouching services. If you are looking for a professional retoucher, our team can help you for your jewelry online business. We are highly skilled retouchers who are passionate about what we do. And we provide the best jewelry photo retouching service that can improve your images. Here is the jewelry retouching services we provide:

Dust & Reflection Removal

Jewelry Photo Editing Ring
Dust, particles and other materials in jewelry can detract from the overall quality of your product. With using our service “dust removal process”, you can get a clean surface without damaging any of your pieces.

Color Correction & Recoloring

Color the gems with this easy-to-use professional quality color tool. Get a perfectly matched finish with no hassle.

Shine Enhancement

Jewelry Image Editing
Shine the light on your beauty with an exquisite piece of jewelry. Choose from a range of diamond rings and other designs to find the one that speaks volumes about your style and spirit. Our editors will help to keep your diamond or gemstone jewelry looking its absolute best.

Metal Shining

Jewelry Photo Retouching Service
Metal shining in photoshop is a technique that photographers use to highlight certain features of the subjects in their pictures. It is a simple but effective technique that provides an extra level of depth and interest.

Removing Unwanted Elements

Jewelry Background Removal
“Unwanted elements” in this case refers to chunks, flaws, small nicks and chips on the surface of a gemstone that are hidden by its color and pattern.

Diamond Polishing

Jewelry Photo Retouching Ring
Diamond polishing is an important process for jewelry manufacturing to ensure that diamonds are of the highest quality. It is used as a way to get rid of any imperfections and reduce friction at the surface of the stone.

Advantage of Hiring a Retoucher

A retoucher can help an image come to life by adding that finishing touch and make it look polished. Sometimes, even a slight change in the colors can completely transform the image into something amazing. Photo editing company have professional retouchers that can help you boost your online business. Contact us and get a trial.

How Our Service Works in Photo Editing Company