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Top 10 Jewelry Photo Retouching Techniques To Make Your Products Shine

In the Online Jewelry Business, showcasing the beauty of the jewelry is the most important aspect. Because customers can’t touch, feel or hold the jewelry, it all depends on the jewelry photos, its beauty, and its eye-catching look. So it becomes essential for online jewelry businesses to keep their Jewelry photos attractive, flawless, and appealing, which catches buyers’ attention and makes their buying decisions faster. This is where the demand for retouching jewelry photography comes in to enhance the beauty of the jewelry photos and make them shine and be more attractive.

In this article, we will explore why jewelry photo retouching is important for your business and the top ten Jewelry photo retouching techniques to make your jewelry photos more shiny and attractive.

Why is Jewelry Photo Retouching Important?

In today’s world of high competition, it takes work to stand out and attract potential customers, especially in an online jewelry business where millions of similar jewelry photos are available online then how can customers find your business and make buying decisions? This is where the importance of jewelry photo retouching comes in as a solution that can make your jewelry photos attractive, qualitative, and flawless, standing out from the competition, catching buyers’ attention, and increasing conversions.

According to Virtunex, Jewelry photo retouching is important because it enhances the visual appeal of jewelry images, making them more attractive to potential customers, and ensuring that the products are accurately represented, thereby increasing the likelihood of sales and customer satisfaction. With Jewelry photo retouching techniques, you can remove all the imperfections from the jewelry photos, such as dirt, dullness, unwanted objects, and scratches, and enhance the jewelry’s visibility, look, and appearance in photos and make it eye-catching for customers that encourages them to make buying decisions faster. Photo retouching is a process of background removal, light adjustments, imperfections removal, and much more using the latest tools and software.

If you want to make your jewelry business stand out from the competition and succeed, you need to use jewelry photo retouching to drive sales and conversions ultimately.

Top 10 Jewelry Photo Retouching Techniques To Make Jewelry Shiny

Here are some most effective ways to edit your jewelry photos with photo retouching:

1. Color Preservation

Color Adjustment is the most crucial jewelry retouching technique used to correct the jewelry colors by adjusting its color balance, saturation, and brightness to make Jewelry photos more appealing and eye-catching for better visibility. Sometimes Jewelry photos show different colors compared to their actual color and shades. Using Jewelry photo retouching makes it easier to correct the colors and showcase the actual colors in the photos that look more natural and appealing.

However, over-colors and saturation can lower the visibility and beauty of the jewelry, and it becomes essential to resolve these color corrections by implementing jewelry retouching techniques. With proper color correction, jewelry photos seem more attractive and eye-catching to customers and increase chances of getting sales and conversions.

2. Background Removal

Many jewelry photos are left with unwanted objects in the background that lower the quality, visibility, and beauty. With the Jewelry photo retouching technique, you can edit the background, remove unwanted objects from the surroundings and make the Jewelry photos flawless and attractive. With this technique, all the distractions can be removed, allowing customers to focus only on the jewelry pieces to make more sales and conversions.

It’s one of the essential jewelry retouching processes to make your jewelry photos more attractive and flawless. This technique is specifically used to maintain a consistent, high-quality Jewelry look across all channels so customers can only focus on jewelry pieces and make their buying decisions faster. In addition, it helps businesses to create a standard format for their jewelry photos across all channels to make the brand easily noticeable.

Jewelry Background Removal

3. Adjusting Brightness and Contrast

To make jewelry photos look more appealing and clear, you need to adjust the brightness and contrast levels and handle until the jewelry piece looks more realistic and sharpened with details. By adjusting the brightness and darkness of the jewelry photos, you can easily light up the darker area, which requires light and contrast to make images more dynamic and stand out from the competition.

It requires lots of experiments on adjusting the levels, as it can make the images unnatural or more beautiful & realistic than before. But, overall, it improves the appearance and visibility of the photos to make jewelry photos appear best to customers.

Jewelry Photo Editing Ring

4. Jewelry Shadow and Reflection Creation

The most effective way to make any jewelry photos realistic and appealing then try to create shadow and reflection of the jewelry that makes the jewelry more appealing, attractive, and realistic in photos. With this jewelry retouching technique, you can enhance the visibility of the jewelry by adding shadows and reflection of the gemstone.

There are many brush tools, clone tools, etc., available that you can use to add that effect and make jewelry photos realistic and appealing that stand out from the competition and increase sales and conversions. It’s a unique way to make Jewelry photos stand out and appeal to your jewelry business.

Jewelry Photo Editing Pin

5. Saturation Adjustment

To enhance the look and feel of the jewelry photos, it’s a most effective technique that you can use by adjusting the color saturation of the jewelry and making it more appealing, attractive, and lively. Although millions of similar jewelry photos are available, and it seems difficult to stand out, this is where the Jewelry retouching technique can make your jewelry photos stand out from the crowd by adjusting the saturation levels and enhancing your jewelry visibility as compared to others and make it more eye-catching.

By adjusting the right saturation balance, you can make jewelry photos realistic, appealing, and eye-catching. Much software is used for saturation adjustments, such as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, or GIMP software, that makes it easier to enhance the beauty and visibility of your jewelry photos and make them look accurate.

By showing such high-quality, appealing, and visually stunning jewelry photos, customers can easily recognize your jewelry photos and look appealing.

Jewelry Image Editing

6. Jewelry Cleaning

Jewelry cleaning is the most crucial and must-have technique in the jewelry retouching process. Customers first see jewelry pieces and their designs in jewelry photos. So it’s essential to keep the jewelry looking clean from dust and scratches and make it appealing and attractive in photos. So you need to remove all the imperfections from the Jewelry photos, such as dust, scratches, dullness, and low light from the image, and clean the jewelry pieces to keep them smooth and attractive.

Overall, jewelry cleaning is all about cleaning the jewelry piece, removing all the imperfections such as dust and dirt, and enhancing the look & visibility of your jewelry photos to look so stunning that they attract potential customers and encourage them to make buying decisions faster.

Jewelry Photo Retouching

7. Use Smudge

Smudge tools are mostly used to create a gradient shine in the jewelry pieces while doing jewelry photo retouching. It helps to enhance the beauty of the jewelry photos, shine a particular area more attractively and make it shinier so that it stands out from the competition and looks so appealing that customers love to make buying decisions.

You can maintain a fine balance between jewelry pieces and background with a smoother gradient shine using the smudge tools. It is also used to remove small imperfections from the jewelry photos, such as dirt, dust, and scratches, and give a slight enhancement to make jewelry looks appealing and attractive.

Overall it’s one of the powerful Jewelry photo retouching techniques used to polish the jewelry, enhance visibility and make it shiny, catch buyers’ attention, and increase sales.

Jewelry Photography Editing

8. Image Resizing and Formatting

When it comes to maintaining a brand image, it’s one of the essential things to consider. By keeping the image size and formatting, you can create a standard brand format across all the platforms that are easily recognized by your potential customers, building trust and increasing sales. This is where you can use image resizing and formatting techniques to resize your jewelry photos per the required dimensions and standard formatting per your website’s look & feel.

Overall, it enhances the user experience when customers see proper size and formatting in jewelry photos that are easy to explore and increase their spending time on their platform, ultimately driving more sales and conversions.

Image resizing and formatting are used to compress the big-size Jewelry photos without losing the quality and give a proper format such as jpg, png, and gif as per platform demand. In addition, it supports jewelry photos to look the best and most attractive for customers.

Jewelry Clipping Path Service

9. Diamond Polishing

In Jewelry photos, the most important element that matters the most is a diamond or gemstone. It plays a crucial role in making jewelry pieces look attractive and appealing, but sometimes jewelry photos are left with dullness and low shine in gemstones that need to catch customers’ attention. So you need to use jewelry retouching techniques to shine the gemstones in Jewelry photos and make them more shiny and attractive by removing dirt, dullness, and low light, making it a more appealing gemstone that enhances the overall visibility and beauty of the jewelry pieces that stand out. 

This technique is more effectively used to make gemstones more appealing, realistic, and three-dimensional, look stunning in photos, and easily capture buyers’ attention by adding a smoother and polished look.

Overall, gemstone enhancement is an essential technique used to make jewelry photos stunning and appealing and drive more sales and conversions.

Jewelry Photo Retouching Ring

10. Focus on Proper Lighting

In Jewelry photos, lighting plays a crucial part in showcasing the jewelry details, beauty, and quality most effectively. However, sometimes Jewelry photos are left with low light and darkness that seems unnatural or unattractive, that’s why you should try jewelry photo retouching techniques to enhance the jewelry visibility, highlight the jewelry details, bring out a shine and make it more appealing, and eye-catching.

Well-lit and high-quality jewelry photos look so stunning that they stand out from the competition and attract potential customers to drive sales and conversions.

There are different types of lighting used for jewelry pieces, so you need to choose the right lighting, highlight the details of the jewelry and make it visually more appealing that catches buyers’ attention and encourages them to make buying decisions faster.

Jewelry Photo Retouching Service

Some Best Jewelry Photo Retouching Softwares To Must-have

Here’s the list of the five most used Jewelry photo retouching software such as,

1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the essential software in Jewelry photo retouching. It adjusts colors, brightness, and saturation and removes imperfections. Also, advanced options are available, such as cloning, making for advanced retouching, and getting high-quality jewelry to catch customers’ attention and make photos luxurious and standard.

2. Adobe Lightroom

Jewelry photographers mostly use Adobe Lightroom, and its main use is to make jewelry photos smoother, sharper, and qualitative with high visibility. In addition, it’s beginner-friendly software for those who want to do jewelry photo retouching.

3. PicsArt Photo & Video Editor

PicsArt is another popular software for Jewelry photo retouching. It offers amazing features such as color correction, background removal, cloning, lighting, and other important aspects of jewelry photos to keep them shiny, attractive, and flawless.


VSCO is a user-friendly and easy-to-use photo retouching software that offers various features such as image resizing, color correction, cropping, and special effects to enhance the beauty of the jewelry photos and make them more quality and appealing to get potential customers’ attention.


GIMP is a free and open-source photo retouching software specifically used for layering, masking, and cloning photos and presenting jewelry photos most effectively. Its user-friendly interface and easy options make it easier to edit the photos and get the desired output.

This must-have software is required while using these jewelry photo retouching techniques. To use this software, it’s important to have experienced editors in your team to get desired jewelry photos.

To Wrap Up

Jewelry photo retouching is magic for business owners to enhance their jewelry photos, remove imperfections and make it so qualitative and attractive that it catches buyers’ attention and encourages them to make buying decisions. That’s why almost all jewelry businesses prefer to use jewelry retouching techniques. Still, they must have experienced using such high-level tools to edit the photos most effectively.

However, you can also outsource jewelry photo retouching to the experts. Let them handle the entire retouching process and deliver high-quality, attractive, and flawless jewelry photos that drive results.

So if you’re looking for the best jewelry retouching service provider, then Photo Editing Company is the best choice to level up your jewelry business and stand out. Contact Us today to get the jewelry retouching service done at an affordable price.