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Beginner Tips for Real Estate Photography Editing

Producing stunning real estate photos takes work. And even with the best equipment and right skill set, you still can’t get the best shots. Thankfully, there’s advanced software available online to help you polish your images. Editing tools such as Photoshop and Lightroom are every photographer’s best friend. They help you achieve realistic and sellable property images. Want to add magic into your real estate shots? Check the five standard photo editing techniques that we’ve listed below.

1. Real Estate Brightness and Color Correction 

Color correction and brightness adjustment is the foundation of image enhancement. These may be basic processes, but they’re the most important. When performing this technique, you may also adjust the contrast, tone, and image sharpness. Take note that real estate photos must look remarkable and professional. No client would get enticed with a mediocre photograph. So, perform these few retouching actions and make your pictures instantly stunning and attractive. 

Color Correction Real Estate Photo Editing

2. Real Estate Color Cast Removal

Color casts are unwanted tints that occur due to different lighting effects. For example, gray skies outside can make a house look dull inside. And dark window tints don’t match well with beige-colored walls. Lastly, fluorescent light can create a bluish effect on images. Through color cast removal, you can retrieve the property’s original colors. This editing technique will remove unwanted tints and neutralize the lighting effect on objects. 

Real Estate Camera Flash Removal

3. Real Estate Object Removal

Admit it–real estate properties are not picture-perfect. Sometimes, unwanted objects can occur in a frame. It could be power cords under the table or a kettle on the countertop. It could even be a parked car blocking the view or people around the house. When these entities occur, you can digitally remove them. Doing so can make your property images more professional and noise-free. While you can remove unwanted objects, you can also add some entities to make your frame more lively. It all depends on balanced photo manipulation and good post-processing.

Real Estate Photoshop Retouching

4. Real Estate Perspective Correction

Perspective correction focuses on your photo’s horizontal and vertical aspects. It corrects distortion and misalignment caused by wrong camera positioning or curvature of the camera lens. Fixing image distortions can be easily done in Photoshop. Just click the Perspective Warp tool and manipulate the control points to align your subject with the frame. After a few clicks, your property images will now look more natural, compact, and cohesive.  

Real Estate Perspective Correction

5. Real Estate Sky Replacement

This photo editing technique is applicable when your frame has overcast and gloomy skies. Real estate images normally have bright and colorful skies. When you can’t achieve that, you need to do some retouching. Lightroom has various sky options–from blue skies to sunsets and sunrises. The client can even choose a starry evening sky if it fits the scene. Just select the right image enhancements and make your images more vibrant and lively.

Sky Replacement Real Estate Photo Editing


A well-edited photo will showcase the property’s beauty. And professional real estate post-processing is really essential for every photographer. Use the techniques that we’ve listed above, and we assure you to be on top of your competitors while making every client invest in your real estate properties.