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Real Estate Photography – Complete Checklist

Are you a real estate photographer who is starting in the real estate industry?. This is a complete guide in taking photos of your real estate property. Here are the tips, tricks and strategy in real estate photography.

Real Estate Photos play a major role in attracting potential buyers and encouraging them to visit the property. That’s why most real estate agents try to do a professional property photoshoot before listing on the website so that the property looks more eye-catching. To make the property photos more appealing and beautiful, it’s essential to clean the property and prepare it with the best lighting and furniture to capture beautiful photos. 

However, if you’re setting up for the first time, you might be confused about how to prepare a home for a professional photoshoot and don’t know some unique ideas to showcase the property’s beauty. 

In this guide, we’ve covered a simple step-by-step process to prepare your home for real estate photography and some useful tips to enhance the property’s beauty. 

10 Simple Steps to Prepare your home for Real Estate Photoshoot

By following the given steps, you can prepare your home for a professional Photoshoot and increase the chances of getting buyers’ attention.

1. Keep the Kitchen & Bathroom Clean

First, you need to clear the counters and sink in the kitchen and remove all the unnecessary objects like coffee makers, mixers etc., to make it look more appealing, well-organized and spacious.

In the bathroom, you need to place all the items in their place, like shampoo, soaps, razor, folded towels etc. and clean the mirror to make the bathroom look hygienic and attractive.

Real Estate Clutter Removal Three

2. Turn On all the lights in the house

Lighting is the most important element in enhancing the beauty of the property. You need to turn on all the lights, including LEDs, lamps and exterior lights. Make sure that your home looks brighter and more attractive.

Real Estate Photography Editing

3. Make all of the Beds

Beds are obvious but important to consider when you prepare your home. You need to make all the beds in the house, including guest rooms and bedrooms and decorate all the beds with matching sheets, blankets, pillows, and covers to enhance the look of the room and keep the room clean. 

Real Estate Clutter Removal

4. Open all the Windows

Natural lighting will determine your home’s beauty. For this, you should open all the windows and let the natural lighting come into your home to brighten your home look.

Real Estate Window Exposure

5. Turn Off all the appliances, including Fans, TVs and computer screens

These appliances can distract photographers from capturing attractive photos. So make sure to turn off all the appliances and let the property shine better.

Real Estate Window Exposure Two

6. Hide all the Garbage Cans & Lawn Equipment

Garbage cans and lawn equipment can become a big distraction in real estate photography. You need to put all the trash cans in the Garbage and keep your yard well maintained and beautiful.

Real Estate Swimming Pool Clean Up

7. Remove Cars from Road & Driveway

Before doing professional real estate photography, you must remove cars from the house front and driveway. Asking your neighbors to move their cars from the road and move your car from the front can help you capture exterior shots more effectively.

Real Estate Photoshop Retouching

8. Remove all Personal Photos & Items

In real estate photography, buyers want to see a property completely new and clean to visualize the way a buyer wants to make their dream home. So it’s important to remove all your personal photos and items from everywhere and let buyers focus on the house, its design and spacious look that can encourage them to visit the property.

 9. Hide Pets and Remove items

Not every buyer likes Pets, and you should take care of this point. Make sure to hide and take out your pets and remove all the pet items to capture high-quality photos without any sign of pets in the house. 

10. Open Up Patio Umbrella

To enhance the look of your property, if you have a patio umbrella, make sure to open up and clean the chairs and tables that look shiny and have an attractive outdoor area. 

Photo Manipulation Real Estate

Best Tips for Property Photoshoot in order:

If you’ve prepared your home and are ready for a photoshoot then you can follow this order to capture the property’s photos like a professional:

  • In Front of the property (4 Photos)
  • Home Entrance (2 Photos)
  • Living Room (4 Photos)
  • Dining Room (2 Photos)
  • Kitchen (4 Photos)
  • Hallway Bathroom (1 Photo)
  • Master Bedroom (3 Photos)
  • Master Bathroom (2 Photos)
  • Other Bedrooms (1 Photo)
  • Backyard (4 Photos)

By following this order, you can do a professional real estate photo shoot and capture whole property photos. 


When you’ve prepared your home for a photo shoot, ask your real estate Photographer to come and review it and make changes accordingly (if required). We hope this article helps you to know the exact steps you need to take to prepare your home for photography.