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Top 10 Photography Websites

Photography Websites are the place every photographer looks for in order to enhance or better their skills whether they are beginners or professionals.

With the help of such websites, one can not only find tutorials or more for their learnings but can also get updated with new technology in the field of photography.

So, here is the list of top 10 websites from where you can not only enhance your skills but also learn things that can help you in your career.

1. TutsPlus

TutsPlus is a website that can help you get news related to photography or information related to it. They also offer courses and ebooks in order to help you become a master of your photographic craft. One can see photography in all its forms through the articles written here, as they are all written by photographers and other artists. The articles present are helpful in all matters related to photography and if you are looking for a place to help you with Photoshop, you are in the right place

2. Creative Live

Creative Live offers various courses and tutorials ranging from free of cost to 300$ and more. The popularity of their courses can be seen from the rating given by users. The videos not just focus on workflows and guides but also offer insights into the photography area. This website also gives courses that can be very beneficial for your business.

3. Geoff Lawrence

Geoff Lawrence is one of the websites for all the information you need. If you will go on its look, you won’t find it catchy, it’s simple and outdated but the information there is not. The Content is structured very well such that every content is split into 15+ subheadings making it more attractive and navigable. The range of topics is very wide-ranging from “what camera to buy” to “advancing your professional skills”.

4. Udemy

Udemy is a website offering you different courses related to photography. It has everything for everyone whether you wanna gain knowledge about cameras or know how to do professional photography.

This photography website is not only good for learning photography skills but can also help you in getting on with your photography business. There are various courses of different range, you can select one which suits you best and learn everything in and around it.

5. SLR Lounge

The SLR Lounge is one of the websites which helps you providing workshops, in order to help you and give advice in different areas. It keeps a track of you such that it makes sure that you are on right track. It also allows you to get your photographs critiqued by other photographers. They also have an award scheme in which you can participate for free and if won, it gives you a headstart in getting the name out there.

6. The Spruce

The spruce is one of the leading websites when it comes to getting some useful tips and understanding techniques. The writers on this website are some successful photographers who share their personal experiences and ideas in order to become successful. They are there to give advice in order to help you with your work.

The spruce website is made on WordPress with some beautiful photography on it.

7. Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School(DPS) is a great platform for getting tips and understanding techniques. One can never feel out of content here, you can find more than enough content related to your problems. It has something for everyone, writers from all over the world mastered in their profession write here. You can go here as someone who is not that much interested in photography but when you come out, the first thing you wanna do it buy a camera.

8. Digital Photography Review

When looking for information and review about gadgets, DPReview used to be one of the top priorities of photographers. The Website gives great information but the interface of the website is something which has made users less attracted to it. While the forum is one thing that still makes it one of the best websites, as you don’t need to go through useless comments anymore. The forums let you ask some real-life questions and answer them.

9. FStoppers

FStoppers is one of the greatest websites which is quite famous among University students. This website offers a variety of interesting blogs related to photography. One can go to read just one article but end up reading more. It gives quite valuable content all related to photography. Many writers write for it, so you won’t get bored while reading articles as the writing style of every one of them is different.

10. 500px

The 500px is a social media platform of photographers where one can find beginners and as well as professional photographers. There are around 6 million photographs on this platform. One can give like or critique the work of others, in order to help the community and get inspired by the work of others.

The interface of 500px is one of the key factors that has achieved this position.