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Top 10 Professional Photo Retouching Services

Photo retouching services are the best way to get a great photo where you can’t find any flaw. They are professionals with professional equipment, who know how to make your pictures look perfect.

Professional photo retouching is a complicated and time-consuming process that requires experience and skill. However, with new technology, this task has become easier by introducing tools like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. And with artificial intelligence available these days, you can get professional results in a matter of minutes.

Photo Editing Company is the company which provides the professional retouching services here in the Philippines. We also provides a various of editing services, includes photo enhancement, color correction, image culling, photo restoration and more. Here are the top 10 professional retouching services we offer:

Table of Contents

  • Photo Manipulation
  • Restoration
  • Body Retouching
  • Maternity
  • Real Estate
  • Jewelry
  • eCommerce
  • Newborn
  • Wedding
  • Portrait Photo Editing

1. Photo Manipulation

Image Manipulation
A photo manipulation can be used to create a work of art or serve as a marketing tool by giving the viewers a different perspective on the object portrayed.

2. Restoration

Photo Restoration Service

Photo restoration is an art that requires skill and creativity. It would be impossible for a human to do this job using traditional methods. However, our photo editing services can provide assistance in the process by correcting colors, removing noise, and enhancing details.

3. Body Retouching

Body retouching is a type of image manipulation that is used to correct and enhance the appearance of an individual’s body, often for cosmetic purposes. It uses digital tools to change appearance in a way that does not change what was captured by the camera. Bod editing services includes: Making body curves slimmer, dodge&burn, breast enlargement, and cellulite removal.

4. Maternity

It is the process of editing photographs of pregnant women to make them look their youngest and most radiant. Maternity editing services includes: Image enhancement, change color background and face retouching.

5. Real Estate

Real Estate Perspective Correction Outdoor

Real estate retouching is a service which aims to make your reality look better than the one in the photos. In order to achieve this, they bring in professional photographers, designers and retouchers to make your property stand out from others. Real estate retouching services includes: Day to dusk conversion, perspective correction, lens distortion, panorama stitching and more.

6. Jewelry

Jewelry Photo Retouching
Jewelry retouching is an existing process of digitally modifying a photo by changing its contrast, brightness, color balance or removing blemish from a picture.

7. eCommerce

Retouching is the process of editing or altering a digital photo or other image to improve its appearance. Some retouching includes mainly removing unwanted objects from a photo, but other retouching may also involve adjusting colors, contrast, saturation and sharpness in various ways.

8. Newborn

Baby Photography Retouching
A newborn’s face is perfect and without blemish. This is why some parents want to retouch their photos of newly born babies. To make them more appealing in a professional way.

9. Wedding

Wedding Photo Retouching Company
Retouching involves cleaning the skin and adjusting colors, removing unwanted clothing and hair, replicating people’s expressions or facial features, and enhancing focal point in an image.

10. Portrait Photo Editing

Regardless of the photograph, people are always looking for ways to improve their look and get the most out of their portrait photos. In order to do this, they use editing software that helps them clean up blemishes, whiten teeth and remove unwanted objects in the frame.

What are the benefits of hiring a photo editor?

The following are some of the key benefits to hiring a photo editor:

  • A photo editor can help boost your sales and conversions
  • They can create a visually stunning experience for your customers
  • And also can increase brand recognition and trustworthiness

Photo editing company is the best company to choose as a partner of your online businesses. Our photo editors can help create professional-looking photographs that will make your brand stand out from the crowd. Contact us and get started!

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Joepet Macariola is the visionary CEO of 'Photo Editing Company' at Cebu, bringing over 16 years of leadership and innovation to the photo editing industry. Under his guidance, 'Photo Editing Company' has grown from a small startup into a recognized company, known for its cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service.

Joepet's career began in graphic design, where he quickly realized his passion for digital imagery and editing. He holds an Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science Major in Graphic Design from University of San Carlos. This has enabled him to drive 'Photo Editing Company' mission of providing top-tier photo editing solutions to clients ranging from individual photographers to large enterprises.

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