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Top 10 Real Estate Photo Editing

Real estate photography is one of the most lucrative business online because images represent the property that are being sold by companies. There is only one way of selling your property fast and it is through the internet. Vast majority of people are online both mobile and desktop, this is the most perfect way to reach potential clients. Having photos of different real estate such as homes, condominiums, office spaces, vacation house is the most convenient way of selling a property. You can post your images in different platforms such as social media or website to make it available for any buyer. After a photo shoot images require a post processing service which can improve the overall style and quality of the image. Here are different styles to improve your property selling online. Here are 10 techniques to improve property selling online:

Color Correcting

Color Correction Real Estate Photo Editing
Indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, weather, window placements are just some of the factors to consider while color correcting. Lens setting can also be considered. Color correcting is adjusting the colors on the photo to fit and be more presentable than the raw image. It is important to adjust the brightness and exposure to real estate photos to encourage buyers to buy the property. Color correction makes the photos appealing with just a few clicks of the mouse. It can transform mediocre looking photos to stellar looking ones.

Straightening the Lines

One thing you have to be extra careful when shooting properties is your lines. You need to ensure that lines are straight and not bent. Its importance is rooted from the perspective of the photographer. Lines are forefront of every single photo. Without it, a photograph is deemed abstract and not the photograph you want it to be. In real estate photos, lines can make or break the photo. One single line bent can discourage the client from buying the product.


Cropping is the easiest way to enhance the framing of your photos. It makes the property stand out amongst the other properties. Cropping is removing unwanted parts of the photo while paying attention as to not crop important parts of the properties like light fixtures, overhead lighting, wired currents, water towers, and other permanent structures.


When you want the photos to look a little darker or lighter, not just specific tones, you use levels. Levelling is one of the essential things in real estate photography. It is making sure that all vertical lines are vertical and symmetrical while horizontal lines are also symmetrical to each other. It prevents the property from looking like it is tipping from one side and unbalanced.

Sky Replacement

Improve your sky using our sky replacement services. Even on dark and gloomy days, they still take photos of properties. This is where sky replacement comes into play. It can turn dark, dull skies to bright and alive ones. Editors can easily replace clouds and skies now with just a few clicks. Clients can also choose the scenario they want in the photograph, be it sunny, stormy, fair day with a beautiful sunset, bright and sunny sunrise, and the evening sky. It is up to the client’s decision as to what sky they want. They can always deliver.

Angles and Framing

Angles and framing always come together when photographing real estate for it is incredibly important to know which angles to choose in shooting and how you to want to frame your photos. Angles and framing do not necessarily mean making the area as big as it possibly could be but rather making sure the client knows how the space might feel like. Taking in all the components of the scenery and framing them in a certain way to give the clients an idea on how that space is supposed to feel.


Composition is the overall view of the photograph. It is all the components combined to make the photograph the way it is. Every single element in the photo like vases, tiny decals in the walls, mirrors, to name a few should be considered with the photograph composition. In taking real estate photographs, one should harness the skill of knowing the right angles and framing the photos in order for its composition to look like what the client has desired.


No one likes and get drawn to blurred photographs when it comes to real estate photography. Clarity is used to polish the photo and make it seem clearer and brighter than the raw image. In adjusting clarity, you have to manipulate the black and white tones to their right order in order to add depth and make the image look crisper.

Hue and Saturation

Sometimes, people neglect the little bushes or the trees in a photo. Real estate photographers consider them as important as overhead fixtures. Hue and Saturation is another helpful tool in real estate photography. This can enhance the colors of certain objects to make it look more vibrant and appealing to the clients.

Keeping it Natural

The most important thing about real estate photography is keeping the property as natural as it is with the raw image. Do not over saturate, over color correct, and basically do anything over the top. Just keep the editing as casual as you possibly can and you can achieve the natural nature of the photo.

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