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Top 10 Unbeatable Cameras for Product Photography to buy in 2022

Are you looking for the best product photography camera

If Yes, then you’re at the right place!

Whether you’re a professional photographer or just a beginner, a camera is one of the essential pieces of equipment to start product photography. 

But the question is, which camera is best for your photography?

In this article, we’ve handpicked the Top 10 top-rated cameras to buy in 2022 for product photography, which surely helps you become a professional product photographer.

Let’s see some of the best cameras of 2022!

1. Nikon D850

Nikon D850 is the most preferred choice for professional product photographers. It’s a full-frame digital sports camera with 45.7 megapixels that captures every product’s detail.

Nikon D850 design and function buttons are easily accessible via thumb and give you complete control. It’s mainly used to capture deep shadows and bright highlights. 

With Nikon D850, you can shoot slow-mo 4K video footage at upto 120fps to capture photos more professionally.

Camera: DSLR with a full-frame sensor

Resolution: 45.7 MP


ISO range: 64-102400

Max Frame Rate: 9fps

Monitor: 3.2-inch tilt angle touchscreen

Autofocus: 153-points

2. Canon EOS 5D MARK IV

If you’re a beginner or starting your career as a product photographer, then the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV can be the best match camera for you.

It’s a DSLR full-frame CMOS sensor camera with 30.4-megapixels for every occasion. 

Its design is soft, curved and sensible, easy to hold in your hands and easily accessible with your thumb. It has a large 3.2-inch LCD screen to see 4K images.

You can use this camera with a 7fps continuous shooting speed, and it has a 61 point autofocus system. It’s mainly used to capture lighting scenes more sharply and detailed.

Camera: DSLR full-frame CMOS sensor

Resolution: 30.4 Megapixels

ISO range: 100-32,000

Video: 4K at 30fps

Autofocus: 61 points, 41 cross-type at f/2.8 and 21 cross-type at f/8 

Monitor: 3.2-inch touchscreen LCDMax frame rate: 7fps

3. Fujifilm X-S10

If you require a camera to take high-quality shots for long hours, consider Fujifilm X-S10. It’s mainly used for long-hours photo shoots. 

It comes with a 180° touchscreen LCD that supports continuous shooting at 20fps. And it has a top-rated mirrorless 26.1 MP X-trans backside-illuminated sensor that gives superb quality images with an autofocus feature.

Fujifilm X-S10 is known for its compact size, fast autofocus mode and 6 stops of image stabilization to shoot in any situation. 

Camera: Mirrorless

Resolution: 26.1 Megapixels

Lens: Fujifilm X

ISO: 80-51,200

Max frame rate: 20fps

Autofocus: 425-point

Image stabilization: upto 6 stops

4. Sony Alpha A6100

Sony is popularly known for its top-quality cameras that are easy to use and capable of producing high-quality images.

Sony Alpha A6100 is a lightweight and travel camera that you can take anywhere to click some beautiful high-quality masterpieces with its mirrorless 24.2 megapixels sensor. It has a Sony E-mount lens that captures the details better. You can shoot 1:1 with this camera and capture stunning photos with 179 autofocus points. 

Camera: Mirrorless

Resolution: 24.2 Megapixels

Lens: Sony E-mount

ISO: Upto 51,200

Max frame rate: 11fps

Autofocus: 179-points

5. Panasonic LUMIX FZ80

This is a Panasonic LUMIX FZ80 that comes with a 60x Zoom lens to capture high-quality images and record 4K UHD footage. 

For professional travelers, it’s one of the best cameras to capture the moment beautifully. It supports fast USB charging and quickly sends images to your mobile/computer by using Wifi connection. 

It comes with an 18.1 megapixels camera fitted with 20-1200mm LUMIX DC VARIO Lens f2.9-5.9 aperture. 

Camera: SLR-styled Superzoom (60x)

Resolution: 18.1 Megapixels


ISO: 80-6400

Max frame rate: 9fps

Autofocus: Ace/eye detection, tracking system

Video: 4K with high-speed fps

6. Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV

This is the best product photography camera for beginners that you can easily use with a good hand grip. 

It’s lightweight, easy to hand and has dial-based control, a top-notch mirrorless 20 megapixels camera that anyone can use for basic photography. It comes with sensor-shift (4.5 stops) image stabilization that helps you to capture stable images with flexibility.

You can take a 180° flip-down display with 3x zoom to take beautiful social media posts.

Camera: Ultracompact with Live MOS Sensor

Resolution: 20.3 megapixels

Lens: Olympus Black M.Zuiko Digital ED

ISO: 200-25,600

Max frame rate: 15fps

Autofocus: 121-point

7. Sony RX100 VII

For Product Photography, it’s a trending camera that is useful for beginners to professional photographers. 

Its 20.1 megapixels and 24-200mm lens make it a more powerful and compatible camera for every purpose. It has real-time human eye autofocus that can capture pictures more sharply.

Camera: Compact

Resolution: 20.1 Megapixels

Lens: 24-200mm Zoom lens

ISO: 64-12,800

Max frame rate: 20fps

Autofocus: 327-point

8. Canon Rebel SL3

Canon Rebel SL3 is a slightly advanced DSLR camera similar to the Nikon D3500 that allows you to capture details of various shooting angles with color brightness. 

It has 24.1 megapixels with a Canon EF-S lens that allows you to capture the moment beautifully.

It’s an affordable DSLR camera with good features like an APS-C sensor, good battery life and autofocus on different angles.

Camera: DSLR

Resolution: 24.1 Megapixels

Sensor: APS-C

ISO: 100-25,600

Image Stabilization: No (lens only)

Lens: Canon EF-S

9. Sony A7R IV

If you’re a professional product photographer and want to upgrade your camera, consider Sony A7R IV the best one.

It has mirrorless 61 megapixels with full-frame pixel shift multi shooting to capture ultra HD images with detail.  

Camera: Mirrorless

Sensor: Full-frame

Resolution: 61 Megapixels

ISO: 100-32,000

Lens: Sony FE

Image Stabilization: 5-axis body stabilization (5.5 stops)

10. Nikon D7500

This camera is popularly known for its image stabilization and 4K video support.

The Nikon D7500 comes with a 20.9 Megapixels APS-C CMOS sensor to capture high-quality images with complete details. 

It’s a high-performance camera that can easily record 4K videos at 60fps. Also, you can capture long-distance photos clearly with AF-P DX NIKKOR f/4.5-6.3G ED lens to capture every detail.

Camera: DSLR with CMOS sensor

Resolution: 20.9 Megapixels


ISO: 100-51,200

Max frame rate: 9fps

Autofocus: 51-point

Final Verdict

These are the 10 Best top-rated cameras to buy in 2022 for product photography. We hope this article helps you find the best one for your photography purpose and helps you become a professional product photographer. If you have comments and questions just leave a message in a comment section or CONTACT us.


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