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10 Photo Editing Services for your Online Business

Find out the top 10 photo editing services for your online business. Discover how powerful these services can change the way you run your business online. Whether you are in a real estate, e-commerce, jewelry, wedding or photography business this can help you out.

Here are the ten photo editing service that is worth it:

Photo Editing Service

1. eCommerce Product Photo Editing

Ecommerce Image Editing Service

Online selling is rapidly growing as demand soar all over the world. Majority of the marketplaces are amazon, ebay, lazada and many online platforms are growing. Moreover, many e-commerce websites selling different products are increasing in size. These products that sell a lot online are electronics, apparel, home & living, toys and many more. Selling your products online need images taken from a professional photographer. To improve your images you need to have your images edited in order to make it more vibrant and attractive to your customers.

2. Headshot Photography Editing

Taking close up photos like portrait, close up, corporate shots are crucial in headshot photography. If you want a professional profile online you need to invest in having yourself taken by a headshot photographer. Well taken images have more professional looking portfolio online because of the quality of the image. Discover how headshot photography editing can help you in your headshot photos.

3. Real Estate Photo Editing

Increase you real estate listings by using our real estate photo editing services. Selling properties is quite challenging given that competition is high. To better understand how selling properties online work you need to have high quality images. Having a good quality image and shot where you have all the angles of your property allows your customers to have the full view of the property. Nowadays, virtual tours are very on demand because clients can now view properties from the inside. These services are actually images stitched together to form a 3D looking service. Find out more about our real estate photo editing.

4. Wedding Photo Editing

Wedding Photo Editing Lightroom Service

Create wonderful memories using our services in wedding photo editing. A wedding is one of the most important even in our lives. Saving these memories require a professional wedding photographer. Wedding photographers are able to take important highlights of the image using both photo and video. They have presentation afterwards which is called Same Day Edits or “SDE” that is the summary of the whole wedding both in the church and reception. Post processing thousands of images by selecting, adjusting settings and finalization of images can be daunting task. Discover how wedding photo editing services can help you with your post production of your wedding photos.

5. Jewelry Photo Editing

Jewelry Photo Editing Ring

Do you want your jewelry to sell faster online?. Consider having your images taken by a professional photographer in e-commerce. A high quality jewelry image attracts more buyers. A jewelry product needs to have the highest detail possible in order to let the buyers know the quality. Since jewelries are very small, flaws and possible defects are visible when zooming in. To get rid of these small flaws you need a jewelry photo editing to balance everything from color to details.

6. Studio Photography Editing

Being a studio photographer is sometimes challenging especially when you have bulk or volume images. Having to edit thousands of photographs can be time consuming and stressful. Maintaining quality is another thing which can either make or break you. Outsourcing can be a way of saving time in your in-house editing. Discover how outsourcing can help you out.

Real Estate Photography Editing

7. Background Removal

Jewelry Background Removal Service

Selling online requires images to be at their highest quality possible. One of the most sought after service is background removal services. This is a process of removing the background image and changing it to white or transparent. Moreover, this is what most e-commerce website require when posting products online.

8. Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path

A clipping path service allows you to create paths in preparation for selection or background removal. This service can select your desired area and change the background as you desire.

9. Color Correction

Real Estate Lightroom Post Processing

An image after a photo-shoot requires color correction service to balance the colors of the image. Most of the time images that comes from the photographer are bare or raw in color. This method is what you call post processing wherein you import the images to a photo editing software. One of the software that you can use for processing is Adobe Photoshop and the other one is Adobe Lightroom.

10. Photo Editor

Photo editor allows you to alter, manipulate and photo retouch anything in your picture. The advantage of having a photo editor is you can increase scalability. Whether you are a small or large scale business doing e-commerce online you definitely need one. Contact Us.