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Top 6 Tips for Newborn Photography in 2020

Babies grow up fast. Therefore it is necessary to photograph them before the precious moments go away. Newborn photography doesn’t require much equipment, but as a freelance photographer it has its own challenges. We are giving you some tips so that the process of photographing newborns gets easier for you.

Safety first

Since babies need external support to maintain their balance, you need to keep an eye on them at all times. You can keep an assistant for help if you think you won’t be able to handle the baby alone. Most of the newborn shoots are done on low-level places as there are fewer chances of the baby falling. If you are using props, make sure they are baby-friendly and clean. Also, take a look at your studio items, whether anything that you’ll be using has the potential to be harmful or not. Cleanliness also comes along with safety. Make sure your hands and all the surfaces you use are germ-free. 


Babies are one of such subjects, which are not in your control. If you have planned to shoot a baby while sleeping and if they are not sleeping, you can’t do much in such a scenario, you should adapt to the reality and make the best of the situation. If the baby if not feeling well or crying, then you can wait for things to get better or reschedule the shoot. 


If you are nervous about handling babies; it is better to gain some experience in handling babies before. Once you know the basics of taking care of babies, holding them and making them feel better; you can start to take newborn photography assignments. And when you are shooting babies, you need to feel confident that you can do all the necessary things required. If you are not able to do so, the clients will sense it, and eventually, it will be reflected by the baby. 


Many professionals are aware that a bright light is disturbing for babies and hence prefer natural lighting. If you are using artificial photography lighting, make sure that it is as diffused as possible. When you are using a strobe or a speed light, you need to reflect it through diffusers to make it less strong. As the eyes of a baby are sensitive, you should not use on camera-flash. 


Newborn babies are comfortable when the temperature in the place of your shoot is warm. It should be around 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit. If the winter season is going on, then you would also be required to arrange for a room heater as the shoot may require the blanket to be removed from the baby.

Props and Setup

A studio would be an ideal place for you to do newborn photography. It would give you a comfortable space, and there would be no hassle of carrying your equipment. If a family wants to get the shoot done in their home, you can do an on-site meeting and see what kind of setup you would require to get the shoot done properly. See if there are large windows in the place and plan to shoot around the windows if you want to shoot with natural lights. Don’t use chairs or tables as the props as it can put the baby in danger. Use props and backgrounds in such a way that it emphasizes the look of the baby rather than taking attention away from it. You can ask parents to contribute to bringing props like headbands, blankets, towels, etc.

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