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10 Types of Product Photography To Attract Customers Online

Almost every product photographer knows which essential element would make the product photograph impressive. When the photographers take the photo of a product, he mainly focuses on a tripod, proper setting of the camera, its aperture, and the best possible background. The more eyesome your product image will be, the more attractive your website will appear to your customers which eventually increases your sales.

Let’s dive into various types of Product photography and find out how they can help you.

1. Simple Studio Shots

It is a very basic product photography taking photos of your product or subject. The only thing you need to carry out this photography is a well-equipped photography studio. You can take individual images or can even use the group mode, standalone objects, along with a white background.

2. White Background Photos

Don’t you think it’s cool to have a white background? It is at the top of the list when we talk about product photography. If you want to present your product very clearly and easily this one should be your choice. It requires a minimum set up and focuses properly over the product by isolating it properly.

The main benefit of this photography is it provides floating sense to the product. As you eliminate the surroundings properly, there is nothing else to focus on. This makes it pretty obvious that every eye would be going to land on the product on sale. You can add this white effect through photoshop as well. 

3. Using Scale to Show the Size of the Product

One of the approaches used in photography for viewers is Scale, what size the product possesses. It makes the buyer think of its appearance and its usability. For example, if there is a guy wearing a backpack, the image will show the bag size in relation to the guy size. This will help the buyer in getting proper ideas about the size of the product, in case he/she wants to buy it.

4. Product Grouping

Ever thought? Is there any way you can bring different varieties together to compare it? One of the benefits of the product group image is, it allows you to compare among all the competitors available in the picture. The idea behind it is a still photograph, where a combination of items is kept in pleasant surroundings. It helps you in overviewing what in the photograph. Mainly it is used in case of makeups and other such similar products to differentiate various textures, etc. 

5. Lifestyle Action Shots

Damn its Premium! One of the prominent topics in commercial photography is Lifestyle photography. Here the image of the product is filled with some action. Usually, a model is used for this, but we can use it without a model as well.

It comes under the premium section of every media whether online or offline.

If you have positioned your product in the mid-segment market, lifestyle photography is recommended to you. Fashion magazines use lifestyle photography on a large scale. If you have some collection to launch, give this photography a try.

6. 360-Degree Photography

I guarantee you have seen this on amazon. This type has a special role in the eCommerce world. The photography allows the buyer to look at the product from all sides. It provides the customer with a pure sense of reality from a distance. In this type, the photographer intends to take a number of images once. After which he tries to weave it seamlessly into one single image.

7. Non-Traditional Product Images

Woah! Can there be a product image without a product? Time to time we come across various situations where we don’t want to showcase the product. In this type of photography, the whole process along with setup remains the same. The basic notion that lies here is to sell the idea rather than a product.

8. Hanging Products

Do you love 3D images? Photographers use a different variety of layouts, among them is “hanging”. The basic agenda of using this kind of photography is to give a 3-D( dimensional) effect on your product’s image. If your product has some definite shape you can give it this 3D effect. For example, ornaments because it requires in-depth details in photographs. 

9. Mannequin Photography

Have you ever come across this another classic layout used by many photographers around the world – mannequin images? If you are in the apparel industry, mannequin photography can help your manifolds. The main benefit of this photography is, it allows the buyer to get a basic idea about how well they look in the clothing. The fitting and elasticity of the clothing can be easily judged by the buyer in the case of mannequin photography.

10. Infographic

Do you know? Infographics are considered a boon for all the SEO filled eCommerce business owners. A lot of money is needed to invest if you want your website to rank high on google. But when you rank the google images, all you need a well-planned infographic.

If you are starting a project and your product possesses important technical information. You can use infographics to convey it very well. And if you have an eCommerce platform, infographics can help very effectively to improve your rank over google.


We can say that product photography is a great profession. As the eCommerce industry is increasing day by day, the importance of product photography is also increasing. We also can’t fully ignore how important it is for traditional print media as well. We don’t know what will be the future, one this is certain it’s scope is never-ending.

Joepet Macariola is the visionary CEO of 'Photo Editing Company' at Cebu, bringing over 16 years of leadership and innovation to the photo editing industry. Under his guidance, 'Photo Editing Company' has grown from a small startup into a recognized company, known for its cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service.

Joepet's career began in graphic design, where he quickly realized his passion for digital imagery and editing. He holds an Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science Major in Graphic Design from University of San Carlos. This has enabled him to drive 'Photo Editing Company' mission of providing top-tier photo editing solutions to clients ranging from individual photographers to large enterprises.

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