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Wedding Portrait Enhancement Services

Wedding Portrait Enhancement is the process of enhancing  the wedding images by editing, adjusting colors, brightness and contrast. Weddings are a day of happiness when you want to capture the memories of event through a photograph. However, sometimes these photographs can come out blurry due to low light conditions or bad camera quality. Using wedding photo enhancement services is a smart idea so that your memories will remain as is and not be ruined by bad pictures. Photo editing company is a company which provides the best wedding enhancement services. The services includes background enhancement, images sky replacement, photo retouching and more. When you send us your photos, you can rest assured that they are in capable hands. Our team are highly skilled that can help you bring the best vision of your wedding photographs.

Bride and Groom Retouching

Groom and Bride Retouching is one of the most famous services we offered. We used a digital makeup tools, including retouching and airbrushing, which help to eliminate unwanted facial blemishes or wrinkles.

Wedding Photo Retouching Company

Color Correction

Color correction is an important step in the process of editing a photograph. With using the editing software like Photoshop, color correction tools can change your wedding photos into a more appealing image with whiter and warmer tones.

Outsource Wedding Photo Editing

Image Brightness Adjustments

Our team can adjust the brightness of your wedding images to make it more attractive in your portfolio. Image Brightness Adjustments is a representation of how happy the person looks in an image.

Wedding Color Correction Service

Wedding Bride Retouching

Face retouching is an effective way of making your photoshoot and portraits look superb. It will allow you to remove blemishes and any other imperfections and make it appear as though you’re wearing makeup.

Wedding Photoshop Lightroom Editing

Benefits of Hiring Editor

The benefit of hiring an editor through an online service is that you can have access to editors from across the world. An editor from Philippines can be hired to work on your wedding photos in New York City. It’s a win-win situation because you get the best quality editing and your planner can focus on other aspects of your planning such as venue, food, or decorations. It also provides a huge range of editing options for everything from raw photos to retouching and beyond.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is your turn around time in photo editing?

The turn around in photo editing is 4 – 24 hours depending on the volume and difficulty of your images. You can also setup your own turn around time by applying in our partnership program. Becoming our partner gives you a fix delivery time on your images and you can also request for rush editing.

How much does photo editing cost?

The cost of editing an image is $ .50 cents to $ 5 base of the time spent or difficulty of a picture. Clients who have daily or weekly images may avail special rate discounts. All customers however will have to send a raw image to get a quotation.

How do I Get Started?

Simply click on this link Trial Photo Editing and upload your raw images. For example, once we receive your images we will send a confirmation email. After that we can then provide you a quotation and ask for approval.

I Have Questions

Simply fill out the form in the Contact Us and we will answer all your questions.