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The Basics of Real Estate Photo Editing

What is real estate photo editing?

If you are into real estate business, your success depends hugely on the quality of your pictures online. Your prospects are influenced by the clear images that hold the capability of showcasing the details of your properties and buildings.

Real estate photo editing involves a complex process to enhance any real estate images.  In real estate photography, presenting high-quality images is important to attract buyers. Remember that most people search the web to look for captivating photos of properties that fire up their interest before visiting the property or getting in touch with an agent.

This is why photo editing in the field of real estate has come up. It allows you to utilize your images; to enhance colors, remove objects, improve lighting and change settings so you can achieve a perfect photo.

What are the necessary photo editing techniques for real estate images?

In the real estate photo editing the images that catch the eyes of most buyers are the homes, yards, offices, and interior spaces can captivate the viewers, compelling them to check out and hopefully purchase those properties.

Below are some basic editing techniques you can follow to achieve high-quality images in your real estate photos:

  1. Object Removal

Real estate photos somehow show unwanted items- and that is when professional real estate photo editors come in. After the removal, a little bit of photo manipulation and blending is done to fill in the spot of the item that was removed.

  1. Color and Brightness Correction

Brightness and color correction are the backbone of all image enhancements. Adjustments to color, contrast, sharpness, tone, may seem simple, but they can take an image from bland and boring to bright and appealing with a few clicks of a mouse. The application of a few basic retouching techniques can turn a mediocre photo into a stunning one. These basic adjustments are one of the main steps to making your photos look professional and marketable.

  1. Perspective Correction

Perspective correction is an editing technique that corrects this distortion and misalignment. They align the lines with the image’s frame to make the photo more natural. Additionally, aligning the distorted lines makes the image appears more cohesive and compact, allowing the viewer to focus on the main points of interest in the photo.

  1. Color Cast Removal

The type of light in an image and how it strikes different objects in the scene can negatively affect the colors of an image. For example, fluorescent bulbs produce a bluish tinge. Dark window tint films can alter the color of a beige-colored wall. Gray skies outside can dull the otherwise lively yellow wall inside. Even the color settings of the camera can also affect the natural colors of a home.

Through editing, you can restore the original color of the property and the items inside it using a visual trick called color cast removal. The technique neutralizes and removes the unwanted tint that masks the actual colors.

  1. Sky Replacement

Colors come alive on bright, sunny days. Thus, gloomy, stormy, and overcast skies can be a real disappointment for real estate photographers. Dark days can make the best properties look dull and dreary.

However, editors can replace gray, cloudy, or overcast skies with summery, sunny ones. Combined with the right level of image enhancements, real estate properties would look like they were shot during a beautiful day—vibrant and full of life.

  1. Photo Manipulation

A real estate photo editing professional can add green grass to cover that patch to make it a lush, green lawn. Does the den look dull without a warm fire in the fireplace? Have an editor add some nice flames in it. Photo manipulation can work magic in your images.

Photo editing is an essential aspect of a real estate photographer’s business. A properly edited photo effectively shows the property in its full glory and beauty, convincing the viewer that the property he is looking at is an ideal investment.

Real Estate Photography Definitive Guide

How do you take good photos for real estate?

Real estate photography is in demand nowadays, but how do you take good shots? Here are some tips on how:

  • Mind the camera height

Camera height is important as it affects the perspective- and it should be lower than human height. The rule of thumb is to position the camera 20-30 centimeters above the highest surface. In this case, a table will still look like a table, not like a single plank of wood. Another rule of thumb is to put the camera a little lower in the narrow areas.

  • Keep the vertical lines vertical

The essential rule for real estate photography is to keep vertical lines vertical. Some cameras have a built-in function showing the alignment of the photo. It helps, but you still need to fine-tune the vertices in editing.

  • Blend Shots in Photoshop for Correct Exposure

You need to create many shots and blend them together in Photoshop later. There are two main techniques:

  1. For HDR blending, you make 3 or 5 exposures per photo and then combine them later.
  2. For artificial lighting, the idea is to create as many shots as you need. Move the flashes around to create proper shadows and flares and everything else you need.

But how do you edit Real Estate Photography?

  1. Correct the distortions;
  2. Fix the verticals;
  3. Turn down highlights;
  4. Pull up shadows;
  5. Get the right color temperature;
  6. Fix brightness/contrast.

Do the basic editing and apply it to every photo you have. Load the images into layers in Photoshop and then blend the images one by one.  Finish the real estate photography editing as you would for any regular shot.

Real estate photography is like dressing up the house for an interview. The initial impression attracts potential customers. Property photography or becoming a real estate photographer can be an excellent option for those who enjoy photographing interiors.

The best thing is there’s always a need for real estate listings and shooting houses for sale in any part of the world. With years of experience, we offer the best photo editing services when it comes to real estate images. We want the best for you.

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