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Real Estate Sky Replacement

10 Properties we edit in Real Estate Photo Editing

Are you looking for a real estate photo editor for your postings online?. There are ten properties we edit in real estate photo editing service. These properties are likely to be posted online because of their value. Discover the kinds of properties we provide in our real estate photo editing.

Table of Contents

1. Homes

Sky Replacement Real Estate Photo Editing

In real estate photography, sky replacement is must-have editing that every real estate agent requires before publishing photos on their website. Real Estate Photographers can’t depend on weather conditions to capture perfect photos because sometimes they should face cloudy or stormy weather that can affect the quality of photos. Instead of waiting for the perfect weather, you can do photo editing and replace the sky with a shiny sky to increase the visibility of photos and make them beautiful, attractive, and eye-catching. 

2. Condominiums

Real Estate Window Exposure

Correcting the colors of the image can give you the best quality output for your clients. Having a naturally looking image of a property gives you credibility especially when clients visit the site.

3. Office Spaces

Real Estate Photo Retouching Photoshop

Retouching real estate properties is highly needed whenever selling online or social media. It improves the  overall quality of your image that can attract your clients online. There are images that needs minor retouching such as removal of spots, blemishes and spots. Major retouching involves removal of cars and big objects to create the perfect photo. We can customize your editing depending on your needs.

4. Apartments

Real Estate Perspective Correction

Perspective correction is about capturing and editing property photos per the buyer’s perspective. You need to capture photos covering all the areas buyers need to see, perfect angle, and focus on details in Property’s photos. Also, you can correct distortion and alignment to enhance the quality and visibility of the photos. 

5. Hotels

Real Estate Photo Retouching Service

This is one of the common mistakes that happens while doing real estate photography. Some real estate photos are left with unwanted objects in the background that lower the room’s or area’s beauty. So it becomes essential to remove the object from the background, and photo editing is the best option to remove it and enhance the beauty and visibility of the property photos. It helps buyers to focus on the Property’s look and encourages them to visit the property. 

6. Mansions

HDR is known as High Dynamic Range, and it’s an editing effect that is mainly used to enhance every interior in a room photo. When photographers cannot capture all the details of a scene in one photo, like shadows and highlights, then they use HDR to edit these photos, enhance the quality, and make them more attractive. 

7. Beach Resort

Real Estate Swimming Pool Clean Up

When a Photographer captures a scene where white appears blue/orange, the white balance adjusts the color as white to capture more natural. Many options are available for photographers to adjust the white balance in the camera, such as Sunlight, Shade, Tungsten, Cloudy, Flash, and Fluorescent, based on the scene. It also comes with Auto White balance settings whenever a camera focuses on something, then automatically white balance based on the scene lighting.

8. Warehouse

Real Estate Furniture Removal

If there’s an empty home image, then virtual staging can use special technology to add different virtual furniture to the empty home image and decorate it beautifully that looks realistic.

9. Agriculture Areas

Real Estate Lawn Enhancement One

Do you want a greener lawn for your real estate images?. Avail our lawn enhancement services where we make it look naturally green.

10. Farms and Ranches

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