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10 Tips in Taking Photo of a Jewelry Image

Good jewelry images can be done based on the perfect angle, lighting, background, sharpness, etc. Any photographer must capture the details of the jewelry with good lighting and sharpness so that the jewelry stands out from the photos and looks realistic. But jewelry photography is not as easy as it seems because it requires detailed insights to capture good jewelry image. That’s why we’ve come up with 10 helpful tips that help you to do professional-level jewelry photography. 

 10 Professional Tips to Take Jewelry Images:

1. Choose the Right Camera

The camera is the essential equipment for jewelry photography. You can consider any camera for jewelry photography, but you need to make manual adjustments – aperture, shutter sound, and many other things to capture detailed and sharp photos. Whether you’re a DSLR or mirrorless camera, make sure that lens has a wider aperture around f/1.8-f/4.

Choose the Right Camera

2. Use Tripod

For Jewelry Photography, your camera must be placed in a fixed position and for this having a Tripod is essential equipment. You need a tripod that is easy to carry and helps capture stable images of jewelry with sharpness and brightness.

Use Tripod

3. Polish Jewelry

Before doing a Jewelry photoshoot, make sure you’ve done cleaning and polishing properly and remove dust, fingerprint, grit, etc., from your jewelry to enhance its shine and sharpness so that the camera can capture complete details beautifully.

Polish Jewelry

4. Maintain the Background

Your background must be simple and clean for jewelry photography that reflects the beauty of jewelry without distracting anywhere. Try to avoid colorful and heavy design backgrounds that distract customers from jewelry.

Maintain the Background

5. Lighting

You need to find a soft and smooth lighting setup that reduces shadows as much as possible on jewelry and reflects the beauty of jewelry properly. You can use a softbox for a great lighting setup because it comes with 3-ways lighting to enhance the product’s details, and a camera can capture the details of Jewelry.


6. Adjust White balance settings

It’s one of the important factors that each jewelry Photographer should consider. It’s important to capture accurate jewelry colors in Photos, and you need to adjust white balance settings for color accuracy. Try to change the white balance settings until your Camera shows accurate jewelry colors. 

Adjust White balance settings

7. Find a best fit Macro Lens

A macro lens is essential for your DSLR or mirrorless camera to capture some close shots and complete details of the jewelry. You can consider any entry-level macro lens with lengths between 60mm-150mm for better Jewelry Photography.

Find a best fit Macro Lens

8. Manage Reflections

Jewelry is highly reflective, so you need to place Jewelry on the right surface with so many trial errors to capture qualitative Jewelry photos. Try different positions and angles of the camera to capture perfect Jewelry photos by eliminating reflections.

Manage Reflections

9. Choose the right color mode (SRGB Vs CMYK)

There are two types of color modes, i.e., CMYK and SRGB. These colors are used for different purposes, i.e., CMYK is used when printing images and SRGB is used for online sharing. So you need to choose the right color mode for jewelry photography based on the purpose. 

Choose the right color mode (SRGB Vs CMYK)

10. Post production images

Once you’ve done Jewelry Photography, many Jewelry photos surely have spots, bright colors, and unnecessary objects that need to be removed from the photos. At this point, photo retouching is essential to edit the jewelry photos and make them qualitative, attractive, and flawless. 

Post production images

But for photo retouching, you need to hire a professional jewelry retouching service provider like Photo Editing Company that can edit your jewelry photos and make them more attractive, detailed, and eye-catching. Contact us today for jewelry retouching services at affordable prices.

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