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5 Best Photo Editing Services in the Philippines

Photo editing service is a process of enhancing the quality of the image using photo editing and photo retouching software. Philippines is the best country to outsource for photo editing services. One of the key important aspects of outsourcing photo editing service is that you can save time and money.

Outsource the best photo editing services in the Philippines in Photo Editing Company . Here are the top 5 photo editing services we offer:

1. Real Estate Photo Editing

Real Estate Aerial Photography
Real estate photo editing services includes; aerial photography, panorama stitching, decluttering, image bracketing, sky replacement, day to dusk conversion, perspective correction, color cast removal and more.

2. Jewelry Photo Editing

Jewelry Photo Editing
Jewelry photo editing services includes; diamond polishing, dust and scratch retouching, creating shadows, jewelry colour correction, metal shining, clipping path and many more.

3. Wedding Photo Editing

Wedding Photo Retouching Company
Wedding photo editing services includes; image culling, background removal, sky/view replacement, photo retouching, and color correction.

4. eCommerce Photo Editing

Ecommerce photo editing services includes; clipping path, ghost mannequin, background removal, color correction, spot retouching, and change background into transparent.

5. Portrait Photo Editing

Portrait photo editing includes; wrinkles removal, face retouching, spot, acne, and blemishes removal. skin tone colour correction, stray hair removal, face slimming, applying make up and over all face enhancement.

Why Choose Photo Editing Company?

Photo Editing Company is a professional, ethical, and affordable company that offers the latest in photo editing techniques. Our expert team of photo editors will work with you to create the best products possible. Be one of our satisfied clients!

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