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5 Outsmart Ways To Beautify Jewelry Retouching

Retouching is one of the necessary services for the vast majority of the organizations related to the jewellery industry. Before publishing jewellery photos on online shopping sites or e-commerce sites, a lot of modifications need to be made. These modifications in the jewellery help in creating a great impact on the audience. These small changes increase the conversion rate of businesses.

1. Clearing the Background

Jewelry Background Removal
A background can help a lot in enhancing the photograph. The Jewellery photograph depends a lot on its background as it needs to be very good looking. A good looking photo can easily convince people and increase business. Sometimes we are not able to get the perfect background for the photos. You can easily remove the background of the jewellery and replace it with the one you want.

2. Clearing the Spots and More

Jewelry Photo Editing
Sometimes when you are clicking the jewellery photographs, there are some spots and blemishes on the jewellery. They mainly require proper polishing before clicking the photographs. But these spots and blemishes can also be removed by using photoshop. The tools in photoshop, such as the healing brush tool or clone stamp tool and more, can be very useful to remove spots. This also comes in photo retouching of jewellery images.

3. Correcting Colours of Different Metals

Jewelry Photo Editing Ring
In order to make the jewellery visible in the photo with its true colour, the photos are needed to be clicked professionally. Sometimes the real colour of the metals or diamond is not there in the photos. Photo retouching is required at such moments. It enables them to show the right colours of the metals and also that they sparkle at the right places. To show the perfect reflections or shadows in the photos and that there is no single spot on the jewellery.

4. The Perfect Brightness and Contrast

Jewelry Photo Retouching
In order to make jewellery photos look real, a proper toning of the photo is very important. While clicking the photo, sometimes you might not get the perfect brightness and contrast which can make it look fancy and not real. Adjusting the brightness and contrast can be easily done in photoshop. Using the adjustment layer, you can easily manage the brightness and contrast as it gives many adjustment options. You can easily slide over the slider and manage the brightness and contrast according to your requirement.

5. Removing that Gaudy Look

Jewelry Photo Editing Service
While clicking the perfect photography of the jewellery, sometimes the lighting is not perfect. The jewellery looks more gaudy due to less lighting. Unwanted shadows and more that can make jewellery look dull. Photo Retouching using photoshop such that adding lightness to the jewellery photo would be the best. Adding the light to the photo can help you make jewellery more realistic and catchy to the prospective customers.


Jewellery Photographs with spots and blemishes in them won’t be liked by any client. Photo Retouching and making them look more real can be very helpful. Clicking the perfect photograph is a tough job, photo retouching can be very helpful even if you are not able to click that perfect one. These 5 techniques can be very helpful when it comes to correcting the photographs.

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