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9 Best Real Estate Photography Tips to Sell Property Faster

In Real Estate Industry, buyers prefer to see the property’s photos before visiting the property physically. So it becomes essential for real estate photographers to capture high-quality, beautiful and appealing property photos that buyers want to visit the property and end up with buying decisions. If you’re planning to become a professional real estate photographer, then you should learn from experts. That’s why we’ve handpicked the nine best real estate photography tips that help you to capture beautiful Property photos. By the end of this guide, you’ll know everything about real estate photography and the best tips to capture real estate photos like a professional. 

What is the Necessary Equipment for Professional Real Estate Photography?

To become a professional real estate Photographer, you need to come up with some essential equipment, including:


The camera is essential equipment for real estate photography. For real estate photography, DSLR is the most preferred camera that captures beautiful property photos with auto-brightness, lighting, and details. You should do detailed research to find the best DSLR for your budget.

Wide-angle Lens

Wide-angle Lenses are specifically used in real estate photography to capture wide areas in one shot. With a wide-angle lens, the property looks more spacious and appealing. So make sure to have a wide-angle lens while doing real estate photography. You can consider a wide-angle lens of 16-35mm or 17-40mm for the best view captured.


A Tripod helps photographers to capture stable and qualitative real estate photos and reduce the chances of camera shake while capturing photos. To capture balanced, qualitative and focused photos, Tripod is an essential gadget.

Light Stand

In Real Estate Photography, sometimes photographers need to face low-light areas because of the interior or without windows. At this point, light stands become essential to illuminate the area with artificial lighting to make the place visible for photography. 

Remote Trigger

Along with the Tripod, a Remote Trigger is another important piece of equipment. It’s a Bluetooth button connecting with the camera to capture photos without touching them with one click. It helps to avoid camera shake while capturing photos. 

9 Best Real Estate Photography Tips to Sell Property Faster

To capture real estate photos like a professional, we’ve handpicked the top 9 expert’s given tips for real estate photography that helps to sell properties faster:

1. Prepare the Scene before Shoot

First, you must set up the scene before the real estate photo shoot. As a professional real estate Photographer, you need to visit the property and overview all the areas where you’ll do photography and make a list of areas in arranging orders to do photography. Once you’re ready for a photo shoot, ensure each area is clean, remove unwanted objects, and make all the objects, furniture, and interior seem beautiful before shooting. 

2. Turn On All the Lighting

When you’re doing real estate photography, you need to turn on the entire property’s lights to enhance its beauty and visibility. Turning all the lights on can help to capture photos more clearly. 

3. Shoot from different Angles

This is an expert’s tip to become a professional real estate photographer faster. To capture high-quality, attractive, beautiful Property photos, you should capture photos from different angles to capture some high-level photos that cover the entire property in one shot. Exploring different angles help you to come up with beautiful shots.

4. Adjust ISO to reduce Noise

When you’re using a camera with a high ISO value, then it affects the quality of photos and creates noise. So it’s important to maintain the ISO value below 400 to get high-quality property photos.

5. Always use a Wide-angle lens

As a professional real estate photographer, you need to use a wide-angle lens while capturing property photos to make the area look more spacious in photos and try to cover a complete area in one shot.

By using a wide-angle lens, you can capture:

  • Foreground
  • Midground
  • Background
  • Sky/Ceiling

6. Twilight Photos

Twilight Photos is a wish for real estate Photographers to capture in golden hours. Its outdoor photography with the darkening sky and proper outdoor lighting can enhance the property’s visibility at night with the best lighting and make it more attractive for a night shoot.

Real Estate Virtual Staging Living Room

7. Use the Camera’s gridlines to capture Stable photos

In camera, there’s an option called gridlines that helps real estate photographers to capture property photos with more stability and right angle. With gridlines, you can see that all the objects in the room are in the right place or angle per the camera’s gridlines and make the changes accordingly to make the scene look perfect. 

8. Focus on what’s outside the windows

In real estate property photos, sometimes photographers don’t focus on the minor things like what’s outside the Windows that can affect the Property’s look. If you’ve captured beautiful Property photos, but outside the Windows, there’s a garbage collector, electric boxes, wires, parking lots etc., then it can affect the buyer’s interest in visiting the property. So as a professional photographer, you need to focus on minor details and change the angle position so that it only shows the beautiful view from the windows.

Real Estate Window Exposure

9. Post-processing Photos

Every real estate photo required editing before listing on the website. Post-processing is an editing process used to enhance the visibility of the photos and remove all the flaws to make the Property’s photos more attractive, appealing and beautiful, catching buyers’ attention and encouraging them to visit the property. Some property photos left with unwanted objects in the background, spots, dullness, low-light, blurred etc., can be resolved by post-processing. But real estate photo editing is not as easy as it seems, whether you can do it on your own or hire a professional photo editing services provider like Photo Editing Company that helps you deliver high-quality, appealing and flawless property photos.

Real Estate Lightroom Post Processing


The demand for Real Estate Photographers is increasing rapidly. If you’re planning to make your career as a real estate Photographer, surely these tips will help you become a professional photographer. We hope this article helps you to start your real estate photography journey with an expert’s guidance. Now it’s your turn to take action and become a professional Real Estate Photographer.

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