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DIY Online Marketing: How to do Marketing on your Own

This is a definitive guide on how to market your own business online using social media and other tools to help you grow your business. Marketing is a very complex and broad strategy however we will break this down for you to make it easier for you to understand. There are actually a lot of strategies that are available, either free or paid marketing strategy.

  • Social Media
  • Content Writing
  • Lead Generation
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Referrals

Social Media

One of the most effective ways of reaching out directly to your customers is via social media. People

Facebook – A very popular social media site that people interact, market, engage, comment and like.

What to do in Facebook

a. Post Catchy Title
b. Make sure to have high quality images of your product or service
c. Proper use of Hashtags #

Examples Post: (insert image)

Twitter –

Instagram –

Content Writing

The number 1 cost effective way of marketing both your product, service and your business website is content writing. Let me explain further, creating a content can give you both long term permanent marketing. Here is the reason why:

Information is the key towards growing your business and the information in your content is as powerful as your viral post in social media. While social media post get’s likes, comments and viral news your content can go long way than the usual. It serves as a permanent information whenever a “user” will search in google. For example:

When user is looking for a Photographer in New York City

Google ranks website base on a criteria such as relevancy, content and trustworthy website. Normally what comes out in page 1 are sites that passes google criteria and has a content that relates to what your user is looking for.

Here is the result:

The results are in, most of the pages displayed have titles relating to the persons keywords that are inputted such as “New York Photographers in New York City” however though you may have the same title, it weighs in to even more criteria. Here it is:

a. Page Title
b. Domain Authority
c. Links to your Website
d. Relevant Pages
e. Trust Worthiness
d. Reviews from Customers
e. Website Structure and Speed
d. and many more.

Content writing and SEO is what we call bread and butter. When a person writes a certain page or content, one must be able to know the right keywords to put and structure. To give you idea here it is:

Main Page Title must not exceed: 65 words
Description characters must not exceed: 150 letters with spaces

Tools that you can use for content writing.
a. Meta Title Checker by MOZ: Link to Meta Name Checker
b. Meta Description Checker: Link to Meta Description Checker

Conclusions about Content Writing: You can either write your own contents or hire a professional content writer to expedite the process. Photo editing company provides content writing services to your needs, simply contact us.

Lead Generation

Pay Per Click Advertisement


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