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Image Editing Services

Image editing service is a company that provides photo editing services to real estate agents. They typically provide an online platform for clients to upload their photos and receive a digital version of the photo back with the edits made.

There’s a huge demand for real estate photo editing, and companies are looking for editors who can enhance the quality of images that sell more houses. If you’re planning to get into real-estate photo editing, then this guide will be helpful for you. In this guide, we’ve covered everything about real-estate photo editing and all the basic terms you need to know in real-estate photo editing.

An image editing service can be beneficial for both buyers and sellers. Buyers can use these services to see what their home looks like in different lighting, or what it would look like with different furniture in the space. Sellers can use these services to show off their home’s best features, such as highlighting a fireplace or showing off a swimming pool. They will take care of all the tedious tasks like removing unwanted objects from the picture, adjusting color balance, and enhancing details on your pictures so that they appear crisp and clear with professional results.

Real Estate White Balance BeforeReal Estate White Balance After

White Balance Adjustments

When a Photographer captures a scene where white appears blue/orange, the white balance adjusts the color as white to capture more natural. Many options are available for photographers to adjust the white balance in the camera. Such as sunlight, shade, tungsten, cloudy, flash, and fluorescent, based on the scene. White balance adjustment can change the photo and make it look attractive.

Real Estate Object Removal BeforeReal Estate Object Removal After

Objects Removal

When Photographers are doing a Photoshoot, some captured photos are left with unwanted objects in the background that need to be removed. At this point, an object removal tool is used to remove the unwanted objects from the image and remove them beautifully to enhance the quality and visibility of the image.

Real Estate Sky Replacement Service BeforeReal Estate Sky Replacement Service After

Sky Replacement

Sky Replacement is one of the best photo editing features that can easily replace the sky in the image. Suppose a beautiful photo with an amazing scene and everything looks perfect, but the weather is not clear. Instead of waiting for the right weather, photographers are using sky replacement to replace the sky with a beautiful and shiny sky that enhances photos’ quality and makes them more attractive and visible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to retouch a photo?

To retouch an image you need to use a “retouching tools” in a photo editing software. One of the most powerful retouching software is Photoshop. It allows you to patch, erase or clone a part of an image.

What is Lens Distortion Removal?

Lens distortion is any deformation that occurs in the images produced by a camera lens. Distortion can generally be described as when straight lines appear bent or curvy in photographs.

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