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Post Processing Service

Post processing or post processing photography service offers photo editing to professional photographers. Different kinds of post production service we offer from weddings to real estate images.

Photo editing company offers post processing service for all professional wedding photographers, event photographers and studio photographers. Our service is to provide photographers the time to focus more on the core of their business. We can convert your RAW file to editable PSD, JPEG or any format. We will then start culling your photos and select the best. From there we will retouch and correct the color of your photos to your desired style or taste. We can edit any event photos or images.

Post Production for Photographers

The first step in processing images is the selection and culling of photos for post production. It can be time consuming after the event, it requires file conversion to be able to edit the photos accurately in preparation for color correction and photo retouching. During the color correction process you need to carefully balance each photo from one another to perfectly get a uniform output. Thus this requires a lot of time for you in order to deliver your final composition to your clients. To avoid this time consuming work, let Photo Editing Company do everything for you.

New Born Photography

Photos of babies are extremely cute because of there size and innocence. They always look adorable in every photo shoot because most of the babies are 1 month to 2 months old.

  • Baby color correction
  • Enhance baby photos
  • Retouch baby images
  • High-end Retouching

Real Estate Photography Post Production

Post-production of real estate images is a process of adjusting the brightness, colors of the image after the photography. Importing the files to the computer and opening in Lightroom or Photoshop enables you to correct the proper colors and lighting. You can simply adjust the settings by adjusting brightness, highlights, lights, temperature, tint and sharpness of the photo.

  • Photo Stitching
  • Color Balance
  • Virtual Staging
  • Infuse Photos

Wedding Photography Post-Production

A wedding is a memorable celebration in life where couples are getting married. This important event needs to be photographed for future use. Images are great medium to remember memories of the past, this makes us remember those beautiful days. It is important to hire the best photographer for your wedding day to provide you the best memorable shots.

  • Wedding Presets
  • White Balance
  • Wedding Photo Retouching
  • Wedding Post Processing Photography


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