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15 Photo Editing Services that you can Outsource in Philippines

Outsourcing your photo retouching is one the best decisions you’ll ever make in boosting your business online. Hiring a reliable photo editor that can deliver you both quality and fast turn-around time is an advantage. To improve your sales, high quality images for your customers is a must. The process can be time consuming but overall gives the best results. Here are the services we offer in photo editing company.

Photo Editing

With attractive and professionally edited photos, increasing your daily sales won’t be a challenge. In the e-Commerce industry where consumers rely mainly on images to make buying decisions, product images that draw attention and compel consumers to buy what you are selling help guarantee leads and conversions.

Through picture and image editing, even the most ordinary photos can become extraordinary. This is especially true when done with the right skills and expertise. 

Harness the true power of photos with professional photo editing service work.

Photo Editing Service

Photo Retouching

Retouching is an important editing process which improves the quality of a photo. By removing blemishes, dirt, unnecessary spots and other obstruction this will totally change the way your image will look online. Discover how companies improve their images by using our photo retouching service.

Through photo retouching, the tiniest speck that would draw attention away from the whole image and reveal mistakes is removed. Colors and lighting are adjusted. Blemishes, wrinkles, and discolorations are removed. A photo is also altered to reflect a brand and a client’s wishes and to make it more attractive to potential customers. 

If you want to sell fast and attract more customers, have your images retouched for better results. View more Samples Here.

Real Estate Photography

Realtors rely on photographs to sell a property and photo editing provides them with the tool to seal the deal. Expert photo editors use different techniques to transform a home or office into something worth investing in.

The best real estate photos create a positive impression, highlights the most desirable features, remove imperfections, and make an inexpensive home look like a million dollars while increasing your credibility as a realtor. Photo editors also add small details to enhance an image. 

Photos can influence a buyer’s decision. If you leverage real estate photo editing right, your property listing will be a huge hit.

Real Estate Photography Editing

eCommerce Photo Editing

Attract more clients by posting vibrant images in your website or social media page. Online buyers and consumers want to see photos of the items they want to buy. The more attractive it is the more likely they will purchase them. This is why online businesses, especially e-Commerce, rely on professional product photo editing to help them sell. 

In this visual world, vendor-consumer activity is now all about creating an emotional reaction through pictures and images. If you succeed to bring out a strong desire for the goods you’re selling, you’re one step closer to urging potential customers to add to cart and click buy.

Now that’s one successful transaction you can double or triple with professionally done product photo editing.

Wedding Post Production

Wedding post production of images after a photo shoot is done when photographers process the images. Images come out raw and bare when opened in a computer. Post production is a process of adjusting the right colors of your image. This involves adjusting the temperature, tint, highlights, brightness and contrast. In addition, we either sharpen the image or smoothen to make it look better.

First we need to import to Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom to begin the process. Second, we retouch a few blemishes or imperfection in the image. Third we adjust carefully the right color, contrast, brightness of the image. Finally we either crop and resize to the correct size you want for your wedding photographs.

By outsourcing your wedding post production you can definitely save a lot of time editing your images. Discover the benefits of outsourcing by partnering with us. Go to our partnership page.

Wedding Photo Retouching Company

Food Photo Editing

Sell your restaurant food easily using our food photo editing. Everyone is fond of food, But with a few touchups and modifications of food images, fondness can turn into a strong desire to want to sample what your online restaurant menu or food shop is offering. 

Photo editing enhances an image to make any types of food look mouthwatering that you can almost taste it. A few adjustments will also add a textural quality to it that you can’t help but feel that chocolate glaze dripping down your throat. How about that delectable-looking pie or steak? 

Professional food photo editing will make you hungry with just one look at a visual representation. To a food business, this means more sales.

Photo Editing Food Photoshop

Fashion Glamour Retouching

Elevate your brand. Increase awareness. Feed the desire to buy. Fashion photo editing can make all these and more happen. 

Highly skilled photo editors can touch-up and enhance images to make fashionable pieces look stylish and glamorous. They use different techniques to reduce or add noise, adjust color tint, clean up backgrounds, and smooth out flaws. 

They turn images into refined visual representations of your brand, encouraging potential leads to become paying customers. Even the simplest of clothing can become a desirable piece with a bit of work.  

So leverage fashion photo editing to your advantage and make your fashion images stand out.

Model Retouching

Post-photography processing is vital to any aspiring model who wants to get one foot through the door of modeling agencies. Through professionally edited photos, they can create a lasting impression and impact on anyone who views their portfolio. 

Because even with professional photography, there are still flaws that need to be corrected. It’s impossible to remember every detail that will make model photos a standout, after all. 

Photo editors will take care of the minute details a photographer missed and turn your model pictures into something other people would desire to emulate. Your pictures will be worthy of the glossy pages of a magazine. 

Jewelry Photo Editing Model

Aerial Photo Stitching

Aerial photography has more uses today in various industries than they did before. But it remains dependent on photo editing services to make the output look more visually stunning. 

Photo editors combine skills, knowledge, and technology to bring out the real beauty of aerial shots and present them in a vibrant display of colors, tint, and creativity. A bit of perspective correction or sky replacement goes a long way into creating an aerial photograph that will make you see the best features that you might have missed otherwise.

Because raw images don’t always capture the real view of nature, photo editing services put its magnificence into aerial shots.

Real Estate Aerial Photography

New Born Baby

New born photography takes photos of new born babies which require some magical touch after the shoot. A process where we naturally apply adjustments to make your image look stunning. Our team can either replicate the kind of style that you are looking for in your final output.

Discover more about our 10 Foolproof Tips for your Newborn Photography to make your baby photography even easier.

Baby Photography Retouching

Photo Restoration

Restoring an old photo can be time consuming and daunting task. There are many challenges along the way when you restore and old photograph. Images that need restoration can have torn, watered, tampered, missing parts or simply wear and tear. This happens due to the material or poor storage of an image. Often times we accidents happen when we handle or store images.

We can restore portrait, family picture, solo image of your love ones from WWII. Our team will do the best we can to restore your image to bring back those old memories.

Outsourcing your photo editing can help you restore these images easily. Our team in the Philippines can retouch, manipulate and edit your image. You can simply upload your images right here.

Photo Restoration Service

Clipping Path

Clipping Path is photo editing service that is for removing background and changing it to white background. Most often eCommerce websites require this service to crop out or erase the background of the image. By removing the background you are able to sell your image with confidence. Customers prefer a clean white background image to make it look professional or legit.

In removing a background of the image, it is imported in Photoshop and then using a “Pen Tool” you are able to trace it. After tracing the image you can mask the photo in order to select the background and delete it. You can apply different background colors or your own background.

The goal of clipping path is to create a tracing line for you to select a specific area of the image and apply necessary actions for your image. To know more about clipping path go to this page: Clipping Path Service.

Clipping Path Advance

Jewelry Photo Editing

Jewelry are defined as necklaces, diamond rings, bracelets, pendants and many more. They require special care and attention especially when you post them to your website and social media such as facebook, twitter and instagram. Your jewelry will stand out if you put some effort into it. Here are some services that can make your jewelry sell even more. Here are the top 5 list, background removal, color correction, retouching, sharpening and cropping.

These 5 services can change the way your image will look online. It will help you gain customers and as well as improve your online score. Go to our jewelry photo editing page to know more.

If you are taking photos of your own jewelry here are some beginners guide on A Beginner’s Guide to Jewelry Photography.

Jewelry Product Photo Editing Service

Photography Editing

Photography is a good business and a great hobby to start with. Taking photos of different subjects or objects can be fun and rewarding. Stunning picturesque images are full of satisfaction however after taking the shot a whole new beginning is about to unfold.

This process is post production a whole new level of task that you need to apply to your image. Images always come out bare in every DSLR Camera whether it is Sony, Nikon, Cannon and other brands.

Post production is required to make the best out of your image. You can adjust the different levels of brightness and contrast. Apply the right temperature and tint. Enhance the color, sharpness and overall outcome of your photo. Learn more about post production to start your adventure.

Outsourcing to photo editing company can completely change the way you do business. Having a team who works along side of you from start to finish in editing your images can give you more time with your business. To start with you can send us a few sample image for us to try. You may Upload Here to begin.

Jewelry Photography Editing


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